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JUBILEES стр. 5 For Volodymyr Fedorovych Peterburgskiy anniversary
ORIGINAL RESEARCH ES стр. 6 Reconstructive and plastic surgery for biliary tract cysts in children Prytula V. P.
стр. 12 Payr syndrome in children: problems and possible solutions Ribalchenko V. F., Rusak P. S., Beley R. P., Vyshpinskyy I. M., Urin A. M., Zaremba V. R., Braginskaya S. A., Koltash B. V.
стр. 19 Histopathology of adhesions, parietal layer of peritoneum and serous membranes of abdominal cavity organs in patients with adhesions secondary to peritonitis Mishalov V. G., Bondarev R. V., Byck P. L., Pakryshen C. V., Dinets A. V.
стр. 26 The comparative characteristics of surgical treatment management of the upper lip and palate clefts at various age Vyshpinskyy I. M.
стр. 35 Treatment of flexion contractures of knee joints in children with cerebral palsy Danilov A. A., Balickaya Y. L., Motcia M. A.
стр. 42 Adapted bacteriophages in complex treatment of destructive cholecystitis with concomitant heart failure of ischemic origin Bondarev R. V., Ivantsok V. M., Mishalov V. G.
стр. 49 Blocking intramedullary osteosynthesis in treatment and prevention of lower extremities pathologic fractures and axial deformations in children with fibrous dysplasia Guk Y. M., Oliinyk Y. V., Zyma A. M., Martsinyak S. M., Cheverda A. I.
стр. 54 Mini-invasive methods of the surgical treatment of inguinal hernia Dvorakevych A. O., Pereyaslov A. A.
стр. 58 Differential treatment of nonrefluxing megaureter in young children Golovkevich V. V., Peterburgskyy V. F., Kalishchuk O. A., Myhal L. Yа., Nikulina G. G., Serbina I. E., Kalinina N. A., Guivan G. I.
стр. 64 Рosterior urethra valves as a cause of bladder dysfunction in children Shevchuk D. V.
стр. 72 Nitric oxide system in children with peptic ulcer complicated by gastrointestinal bleeding Sokolnyk S. O.
стр. 76 Triennial results of mammoplasty by Pitanguy—Ribeiro in patients with recurrent breast ptosis Nazarenko I. A., Chrapach V. V., Markulan L. Yu., Mishalov V. G.
стр. 81 The frequency and causes of death in newborns with gastroschisis Slyepov O. K., Veselskiy V. L., Hrasyukova N. I.
CLINIC AL CASE стр. 88 First experience of multifunctional rod in the surgery of femur deformity in children with imperfect osteogenesis Zyma A. M.
стр. 93 The first experience of esophagus plasty using antiperistaltic gastric tube Chernov A. V., Rybas S. N., Nikolenko A. V., Nelepenko E. D., Chernova L. V., Kopach R. B.
стр. 97 Successful surgical management of giant complicated bronchogenic cyst in a one-month old infant Slepov O. K., Ponomarenko O. P., Slepova L. F., Migur M. Yu., Holopapa G. V.
стр. 103 Propranolol application in two months old infant with a large cavernous cheek hemangioma Gyzha L. Y., Kulyk O. M., Kolivoshka Y. V., Gyzha B. I., Karpiv A. I.
REVIEWS стр. 108 Medullary thyroid carcinoma Mishalov V. G., Dinets A. V.
стр. 114 Calcification of mesenteric lymph nodes at children Rybalchenko V. F., Domanskii O. B., Magdysh S. P., Dzyuman O. V., Chaur M. O.
стр. 120 Congenital hypertrohyic pyloric stenosis in newborns Maliovaniy B. Y., Perejaslov А. А., Shakhov K. V.
CONGRESSES AND CONFERENCES стр. 126 XIII Сonference of the Baltic Association of Paediatric Surgeons (BAOPS 2014) Hanes G. S., Rybalchenko V. F.
стр. 128 Scientific and practical conference «II Sub-Carpathian surgery forum» Fofanov O. D., Rybalchenko V. F.
PAGES OF HISTORY стр. 130 History of pediatric neurosurgery in Ukraine Orlov Yu. O.