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IN MEMORY стр. 6 A profession as a life: Olga Matviivna Avilova (1918-2009) Getman V., Kozlyk I., Sokur P.
THORACIS SURGERY стр. 11 Reasons of the diaphragmatic eventration relapse after cardiosurgery in children Svyrskyi O. A., Bashkevych O. V., Diedovych V. V., Makhlin O. M., Sevkovskyi I. O., Zamotin I. D., Zhytkova N. S. PAEDIATRIC SURGERY.UKRAINE.2018.3(60):11-17; doi 10.15574/PS.2018.60.11
стр. 18 Comparison of conservative and surgical treatment of pectus carinatum in children Zaremba V. R., Danylov O. A., Shulga D. I., Dotsenko M. O., Kurochkin O. S. PAEDIATRIC SURGERY.UKRAINE.2018.3(60):18-29; doi 10.15574/PS.2018.60.18
стр. 30 Experience of thoracoscopic sympathectomy in severe palmar hyperhidrosis Kapuller V. PAEDIATRIC SURGERY.UKRAINE.2018.3(60):30-33; doi 10.15574/PS.2018.60.30
стр. 34 Two-stage osteosynthesis of bilateral multiple multifragmental fractured ribs in patients with severe respiratory failure Bilov O. V. PAEDIATRIC SURGERY.UKRAINE.2018.3(60):34-37; doi 10.15574/PS.2018.60.34
стр. 38 Experience of videothoracoscopy using in the diagnosis and treatment of patients with mediastinal neoplasms Malovanyy V. V., Viytovych L. E. PAEDIATRIC SURGERY.UKRAINE.2018.3(60):38-40; doi 10.15574/PS.2018.60.38
стр. 41 Goniometry of the sternum and parasternal areas in treatment for pectus carinatum in children Sasiuk A. I., Pogoriliy V. V., Loyko E. E., Konoplitskyi V. S., Konoplitskyi D. V. PAEDIATRIC SURGERY.UKRAINE.2018.3(60):41-45; doi 10.15574/PS.2018.60.41
стр. 46 Treatment outcomes of children with oesophageal atresia Spakhi O. V., Liaturynska O. V., Makarova M. O. PAEDIATRIC SURGERY.UKRAINE.2018.3(60):46-50; doi 10.15574/PS.2018.60.46
ORIGINAL ARTICLES. ABDOMINAL SURGERY стр. 51 Ileostomy and resection of the terminal ileum: surgical modalities and rehabilitation Bodnar О. B., Vatamanesky L. I., Bocharov A. V., Chachuk V. S., Bodnar B. M., Choma M. V. PAEDIATRIC SURGERY.UKRAINE.2018.3(60):51-55; doi 10.15574/PS.2018.60.51
стр. 56 Experience of treating children with magnets in the gastrointestinal tract Losev O. O., Melnichenko M. H., Dilanyan I. R., Loseva K. O., Antonyuk V. V., Matviichuk L. P., Pravosudov PAEDIATRIC SURGERY.UKRAINE.2018.3(60):56-60; doi 10.15574/PS.2018.60.56
стр. 61 Minimally invasive technologies in the treatment of abdominal abscesses in children Rusak P. S. PAEDIATRIC SURGERY.UKRAINE.2018.3(60):61-65; doi 10.15574/PS.2018.60.61
стр. 66 Possibilities of ultrasonography in diagnosis of intestinal malrotation: our own experience and literature review Pereyaslov А. А., Borova-Halay О. Y., Nykyforuk O. M. PAEDIATRIC SURGERY.UKRAINE.2018.3(60):66-72; doi 10.15574/PS.2018.60.66
стр. 73 Good fixation of trocar: is it necessary for endoscopic operations? Axelrov M. A., Komarov A. P., Gorokhov P. A., Stolyar A. V., Emelyanova V. A., Kokotalkin A. A., Satyvaldayev M. N., Sergienko Т. V., Malchevsky V. A. PAEDIATRIC SURGERY.UKRAINE.2018.3(60):73-76; doi 10.15574/PS.2018.60.73
ORIGINAL ARTICLES. UROLOGY AND GYNECOLOGY стр. 77 Ways to improve the treatment of hypospadias using modern haemostatic materials Ksonz I. V., Voloshyn O. M., Maksymenko O. S. PAEDIATRIC SURGERY.UKRAINE.2018.3(60):77-79; doi 10.15574/PS.2018.60.77
стр. 80 Mini-invasive surgery on the lower urinary tract for neuromuscular bladder dysfunction in children Shevchuk D. V. PAEDIATRIC SURGERY.UKRAINE.2018.3(60):80-84; doi 10.15574/PS.2018.60.80
стр. 85 Analysis of hydronephrosis associated morbidity among children in Vinnytsia region Konoplitskyi V. S., Mykhalchuk T. I., Dymchyna Y. A., Havryliuk A. V. PAEDIATRIC SURGERY.UKRAINE.2018.3(60):85-87; doi 10.15574/PS.2018.60.85
ORIGINAL ARTICLES. ORTHOPEDICS стр. 88 Conservative treatment of longitudinal flat feet in children Shulga O. V., Danylov O. A., Gorelyk V. V. PAEDIATRIC SURGERY.UKRAINE.2018.3(60):88-93; doi 10.15574/PS.2018.60.88
ORIGINAL ARTICLES. GENERAL SURGERY стр. 94 Change in microcirculation levels under the influence of alternating magnetic field in the comprehensive treatment of children with suppurative wounds Spakhi O. V., Pacholchuk A. P. PAEDIATRIC SURGERY.UKRAINE.2018.3(60):94-99; doi 10.15574/PS.2018.60.94
REVIEWS стр. 100 Exstrophy of the bladder: status update on the problem (a literature review) Averin V. I., Kandratyeva O. V., Zabarovsky A. V., Stashkov A. K. PAEDIATRIC SURGERY.UKRAINE.2018.3(60):100-104; doi 10.15574/PS.2018.60.100
CLINICAL CASE стр. 105 Idiopathic chyloperitoneum in adolescent: a case report Veselyy S. V., Yudin O. I., Ubozhenok M. D. PAEDIATRIC SURGERY.UKRAINE.2018.3(60):105-109; doi 10.15574/PS.2018.60.105
стр. 110 Hinman syndrome in 7-year-old child: a clinical case Malischuk V. D., Ovsiychuk T. P., Komarovskiy S. V., Gavrilyuk F. O., Laskaviy B. O. PAEDIATRIC SURGERY.UKRAINE.2018.2(59):110-112; doi 10.15574/PS.2018.59.110
THE CONFERENCE MATERIALS стр. 113 Тheses of the congress