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IN MEMORY стр. 7 Reminiscence about Shalimov O.O. – the teacher, mentor and Glorious surgeon Suslyk M. P., Luchkiv V. I., Gamaniuk A. I., Polischuk V. T., Perepelytsa V. P., Dykyi O. G
стр. 10 The start of thoraco-abdominal and cardiovascular surgery in «Medmistechko» (‘Medical City’) under the leadership of O.O. Shalimov Krivchenya D. Yu.
ORIGINAL ARTICLES. GENERAL SURGERY стр. 14 Basic regular patterns of paediatric injury rate (according to the data from the trauma centre of the Ternopil Oblast Children’s Clinical Hospital) Protsaylo M. D., Krytsky I. O., Hoshchynskyi P. V., Krytsky Т. І., Vitenko I. M. PAEDIATRIC SURGERY.UKRAINE.2018.2(59):14-17; doi 10.15574/PS.2018.59.14
стр. 18 Vascular yellow laser (577 nm) using in the treatment of superficial haemangiomas in children Pogrebnyak I. А., Korniuk A. A. PAEDIATRIC SURGERY.UKRAINE.2018.2(59):18-20; doi 10.15574/PS.2018.59.18
стр. 21 Epidemiology of children's burns in Kyiv Kovalenko O. M., Kozynets G. P., Sochienkova L. S., Kovalenko A. О., Staskevich S. V., Markin E. L., Covgan D. M. PAEDIATRIC SURGERY.UKRAINE.2018.2(59):21-24; DOI 10.15574/PS.2018.59.21
ORIGINAL ARTICLES. NEONATAL SURGERY стр. 25 Surgical management of simple gastroschisis Sliepov O., Migur M., Soroka V., Ponomarenko O. PAEDIATRIC SURGERY.UKRAINE.2018.2(59):25-31; DOI 10.15574/PS.2018.59.25
стр. 32 Omphalocele and Gastroschisis: Comparison of Outcome in A Resource Limited Tertiary Centre Samiul Hasan, Ashrarur Rahman Mitul, Ayub Ali, KMN Ferdous, Umama Huq PAEDIATRIC SURGERY.UKRAINE.2018.2(59):32-35; DOI 10.15574/PS.2018.59.32
ORIGINAL ARTICLES. CARDIAS SURGERY стр. 36 CT-diagnosis of anomalous origin of one of the pulmonary artery branches from the aorta (hemitruncus) Rokitska N. V., Tammo Raad, Yalynska T. A., Morkovkina H. Ye., Galchenko O. H. PAEDIATRIC SURGERY.UKRAINE.2018.2(59):36-40; DOI 10.15574/PS.2018.59.36
стр. 41 Effect of the balloon dilatation of pulmonary stenosis on the pulmonary artery branches growth in patients with Fallot’s tetrad Maksimenko А., Dovhaliuk A., Kuzmenko J., Motrechko O., Rudenko N. PAEDIATRIC SURGERY.UKRAINE.2018.2(59):41-45; DOI 10.15574/PS.2018.59.41
ORIGINAL ARTICLES. ABDOMINAL SURGERY стр. 46 Laparoscopy in the treatment of children with adhesive bowel obstruction Pereyaslov A. A., Dvorakevych A. O., Nykyforuk O. M. PAEDIATRIC SURGERY.UKRAINE.2018.2(59):46-50; DOI 10.15574/PS.2018.59.46
стр. 51 Dependence of the rate of stress-induced ulcers on acidity of gastric juice in the post-surgery period in children Iskra Іu. A., Bіlyaev A. V. PAEDIATRIC SURGERY.UKRAINE.2018.2(59):51-54; DOI 10.15574/PS.2018.59.51
стр. 55 Complications of postoperative intraabdominal infiltrates in children Melnichenko M. G., Antonyuk V. V. PAEDIATRIC SURGERY.UKRAINE.2018.2(59):55-58; DOI 10.15574/PS.2018.59.55
ORIGINAL ARTICLES. ORTHOPEDICS стр. 59 Screening monitoring of early prophylaxis of the orthopedic complications in children after acute haematogenous osteomyelitis Lebedevich О. В., Kulik E. N., Karpiv A. I. PAEDIATRIC SURGERY.UKRAINE.2018.2(59):59-63; doi 10.15574/PS.2018.59.59
ORIGINAL ARTICLES. COLOPROCTOLOGY стр. 64 Laparoscopic or laparotomic techniques for the colostomy formation in newborns with anorectal atresia? Axelrov M. A., Sergienko Т. V., Verholantsev О. A. PAEDIATRIC SURGERY.UKRAINE.2018.2(59):64-66; DOI 10.15574/PS.2018.59.64
CLINICAL CASE стр. 67 Combination of lymphangioma with the scapula exostosis: a clinical case Malischuk V. D., Ovsiychuk T. P., Gavrilyuk F. O., Laskaviy B. O. PAEDIATRIC SURGERY.UKRAINE.2018.2(59):67-68; DOI 10.15574/PS.2018.59.67
стр. 69 Gastric bezoars in children Pylypchuk A. V., Chekanov D. Yu., Nedavniy H. V., Pototskyi A. V. PAEDIATRIC SURGERY.UKRAINE.2018.2(59):69-71; DOI 10.15574/PS.2018.59.69
стр. 72 Rare anorectal malformation – a congenital pouch colon in neonates: literature review and own observation Fofanov O. D., Fofanov V. O., Banasevych V. V. PAEDIATRIC SURGERY.UKRAINE.2018.2(59):72-76; DOI 10.15574/PS.2018.59.72
стр. 77 Rare type of intestine duplication: A case report Ryzhenko O. V. PAEDIATRIC SURGERY.UKRAINE.2018.2(59):77-80; DOI 10.15574/PS.2018.59.77
стр. 81 Enterostomy in the complex of surgical treatment of newborn with diseases and malformations of the intestine Ksоnz I. V., Grytsenko Ie. M., Grytsenko M. I. PAEDIATRIC SURGERY.UKRAINE.2018.2(59):81-84; DOI 10.15574/PS.2018.59.81
THE CONFERENCE MATERIALS стр. 81 The program of the section «Paediatric Surgery» within the framework of the XXI Congress of Surgeons of Ukraine, Kyiv, September 26-28, 2018
стр. 90 Тheses of the congress