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  • 10.15574/PS
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стр. 7 In memory of Professor F.A. Klepikov - organizer of the first Children Urological Department in Ukraine (on the occasion of centenary of the birth) Rossihin V. V., Buhmin A. V.
стр. 10 Scientific and practical conference «III Ciscarpathian Surgical Forum» Fofanov O. D., Prytula V. P., Rusak P. S.
стр. 13 Integrated Management of surgical infant patients at the primary care level Andriytsev O. M. PAEDIATRIC SURGERY.2016.3-4(52-53):13-15; DOI 10.15574/PS.2016.52-53.13
стр. 16 New vector herniotomy children A.V. Stolyar, M.A. Akselrov, S.P. Saharov PAEDIATRIC SURGERY.2016.3-4(52-53):16-19; DOI 10.15574/PS.2016.52-53.16
стр. 20 Analysis of mortality in children with thermal injuries Saсharov S. P., Akselrov M. A. PAEDIATRIC SURGERY.2016.3-4(52-53):20-24; DOI 10.15574/PS.2016.52-53.20
стр. 25 Electric welding of soft lives tissues in pediatric surgery Zaremba V. R. PAEDIATRIC SURGERY.2016.3-4(52-53):25-33; DOI 10.15574/PS.2016.52-53.25
стр. 34 Complications of the surgical treatment in children with inguinal hernia with the applying of the open and mini-invasive methods Pereyaslov A. A., Dvorakevych A. O. PAEDIATRIC SURGERY.2016.3-4(52-53):34-37; DOI 10.15574/PS.2016.52-53.34
стр. 38 Advantages of compression therapy in the conservative treatment of extensive complex hemangiomas in children Kovalenko A. N., Smirniy S. V., German V. N., Moroz V. I., Nedavniy G. V., Chekanov D. Yu., Ternavskiy M. S. PAEDIATRIC SURGERY.2016.3-4(52-53):38-41; DOI 10.15574/PS.2016.52-53.38
стр. 42 Criteria for the diagnosis and treatment policy features with intussusception in children Stakhov V. V. PAEDIATRIC SURGERY.2016.3-4(52-53):42-50; DOI 10.15574/PS.2016.52-53.42
стр. 51 Surgical treatment of the commissural intestinal obstruction in adolescents with using the jet hydro scalpel Skiba V. V., Rybalchenko V. F., Ivanko O. V., Demidenko Yu. G., Badakh V. M., Bocharov V. P. PAEDIATRIC SURGERY.2016.3-4(52-53):51-57; DOI 10.15574/PS.2016.52-53.51
стр. 58 Etiopathogenic mechanisms of occurrence and development of chronic colostasis in children Momotov A. A. PAEDIATRIC SURGERY.2016.3-4(52-53):58-61; DOI 10.15574/PS.2016.52-53.58
стр. 62 Influence of intra-abdominal pressure on the flow of chronic colostasis for children Konoplytsky V. S., Lukiyanets O. O. PAEDIATRIC SURGERY.2016.3-4(52-53):62-67; DOI 10.15574/PS.2016.52-53.62
стр. 68 Stomal complications in children Gorbatyuk O. M. PAEDIATRIC SURGERY.2016.3-4(52-53):68-73; DOI 10.15574/PS.2016.52-53.68
стр. 74 Slow transit constipation with dolichosigmoid in children – possibilities of surgical treatment Bodnar O. B., Slobodian O. M., Vatamanesku L. I., Haschuk V. S., Bodnar G. B., Bocharov A. V. PAEDIATRIC SURGERY.2016.3-4(52-53):74-80; DOI 10.15574/PS.2016.52-53.74
стр. 81 Pelvic varices in paediatric surgical practice: current state of the problem Shevchuk D. V., Bilochenko A. M., Shevchuk L. V. PAEDIATRIC SURGERY.2016.3-4(52-53):81-89; DOI 10.15574/PS.2016.52-53.81
стр. 90 Features of spinal anesthesia in children Tkachenko I. S., Chadaev Y. M. PAEDIATRIC SURGERY.2016.3-4(52-53):90-95; DOI 10.15574/PS.2016.52-53.90
стр. 96 Modern aspects of training doctors internship specialty – pediatric surgery under the reform of health Tolstanov A. K., Danilov A. A., Ribalchenko V. F.
стр. 98 Invention