• Principles of empiric therapy of vaginitis in pregnant women 
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Principles of empiric therapy of vaginitis in pregnant women 


HEALTH OF WOMAN.2015.7(103):106–108 

Principles of empiric therapy of vaginitis in pregnant women 

Grishchenko O. V., Bobritska V. V.

Kharkiv medical Academy of postgraduate education 

A comparative analysis of the empirical treatment of vaginitis in pregnant with suppositories Chlorhexidine-Farmex and causal local therapy in accordance with the results of infectology study. The antibacterial effect of Chlorhexidine-Farmex comparable to the results, and in many cases can be recognized etiotropic, as well as contributing to raising laktobasillar flora. 

Key words: empirical therapy, vaginitis, Chlorhexidine-Farmex. 


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