• Prevention and treatment of vulvovaginal infections in postmenopause

Prevention and treatment of vulvovaginal infections in postmenopause

HEALTH OF WOMAN. 2018.2(128):74–77

Nikiforovskiy N. K. , Pokusaeva V. N. , Molchanova T. V. , Gabor N. V.
Smolensk State Medical Academy, Smolensk, Russian Federation
Women's consultation of the Perinatal Center, Smolensk, Russian Federation
Questions of gynecology, obstetrics and perinatology, 2013, v. 12, No. 5, p. 16-20

The objective. To determine the effectiveness of using the medicinal form of the complex preparation Polygynax Virgo in treatment and prevention of vulvovaginal infections in postmenopause.
Patients and methods. A randomized cohort study included 68 postmenopausal women with indications for antiseptic cleansing of the vagina. All patients underwent microscopic examination of vaginal smears, extended colposcopic and cytological examination, detection of the acidity (pH) of vaginal contents. Local antibacterial therapy was performed with the use of Polygynax Virgo or Polygynax in vaginal capsules. Assessment of the effectiveness of treatment and acceptability of the Virgo form was based on subjective sensations of the patients and objective recording of adverse drug reactions.
Results. Against the background of treatment of nonspecific colpitis using the both forms of Polygynax, positive laboratory dynamics was noted in all patients (decrease of the leykocytic reaction, lower pH). In colposcopic examination, the picture of atrophy remained but bleeding decreased and inflammatory changes disappeared. The effectiveness of the Polygynax Virgo form (18 of 21 – 85.7%) with respect to coping with subjective symptoms of nonspecific colpitis is comparable with a similar in composition drug in the form of vaginal capsules (16 of 18 – 88.9%) (p>0.05). One third of the women noted a more convenient, as compared with vaginal suppositories, use of the Virgo form. This is conditioned by the absence of discomfort associated with introduction of the drug in case of marked dryness of the mucous membranes, and also with fluid discharge associated with other vaginal forms of drugs.
Conclusion. Polygynax is highly effective in treatment of nonspecific colpitis in postmenopause. The Polygynax Virgo form is positively assessed by patients, which makes it possible to recommend it for therapy and prevention of vulvovaginal infections against the background of atrophic changes in the vagina in the postmenopausal period, especially in patients who feel discomfort when introducing other vaginal forms of medication.
Key words: vulvovaginal infection, postmenopause.


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