• Pelvic varices in paediatric surgical practice: current state of the problem
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Pelvic varices in paediatric surgical practice: current state of the problem

PAEDIATRIC SURGERY.2016.3-4(52-53):81-89; doi 10.15574/PS.2016.52-53.81 

Pelvic varices in paediatric surgical practice: current state of the problem 

Shevchuk D. V., Bilochenko A. M., Shevchuk L. V.

Communal Healthcare Institution Zhytomyr Regional Children’s Clinical Hospital, Ukraine

Shupyk National Medical Academy of Post Graduate Education, Kyiv, Ukraine

Zhytomyr Ivan Franko State University, Ukraine

Communal Healthcare Institution Zhytomyr Central City Hospital No. 1, Ukraine

Private Hospital “Medibor”, Zhytomyr, Ukraine

Considering that there are no official statistic data concerning the prevalence rate of pelvic varicose veins and clear diagnostic and treatment criteria of above mentioned disease and, besides, a presence of evidence-based negative impact of pelvic varices on internal sex organs in women of reproductive age, a detailed study of pelvic congestion syndrome in paediatric practice is required. Moreover, well-informed physicians ensure early diagnostics and efficient treatment, which will permit to reduce the frequency of an unnecessary laparotomy in the case of abdominal pains in girls. Thus, it is necessary to discuss the wider application of the minimally invasive surgery techniques in treatment of abdominal pains in girls.

Key words: pelvic varices, laparoscopy, girls, dysuria.


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