• Pediatric antiphospholipid syndrome
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Pediatric antiphospholipid syndrome

PERINATOLOGY AND PEDIATRIC. UKRAINE. 2018.4(76):93-98; doi 10.15574/PP.2018.76.93

Dudnуk V. M., Furman V. G., Demianyshyna V. V.
Vinnytsya National Pirogov Memorial Medical University, Ukraine

The article presents modern data on the prevalence of antiphospholipid syndrome in children. The analysis of the clinical course of syndrome in children was provided and the laboratory criteria for the diagnosis of the disease are specified. Problems that arise in the management of children with antiphospholipid syndrome and possible ways of their solution are determined and discussed.

Key words: antiphospholipid syndrome, children.


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Article received: Aug 20, 2018. Accepted for publication: Nov 26, 2018.