• Peculiarities of psycho-emotional state in nulliparous women in advanced age 
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Peculiarities of psycho-emotional state in nulliparous women in advanced age 

PERINATOLOGIYA I PEDIATRIYA. 2016.2(66):35-39; doi 10.15574/PP.2016.66.35 

Peculiarities of psycho-emotional state in nulliparous women in advanced age 

Kolomiyets E. V.

SI «Institute of Pediatrics, Obstetrics and Gynecology NAMS of Ukraine», Kyiv 

Objective: To evaluate the features of psycho%emotional state in the nulliparous women in advanced age. 

Patients and methods. Research indicators emotional state was conducted in two groups: I group — age first child (30 to 45years) — 100 patients; The second group (control) — first child youth (18 to 30 years) — 100 patients. Used such techniques as diverse personality Minnesota questionnaire Luscher color test and test «the study of anxiety», Spielberger. 

Results. The data on Minnesota multidimension personalityal questionnaire were better in the second, and the group — young firstborn. The study revealed, as well as the second group are in the range of various estimates — from 70 to 120, while the second group — 60 to 90. And the group is markedly different from the second group of high interest to evaluate 100 — 40%. In the second group 75% of patients with the required profile peak and only 25% go beyond it. In group I 90% of patients with high scores and only 10% of regulations, and in the second — 85% and 15% respectively.Luscher color test results show that group I and significantly high percentage stands at 6–8 items — 75% against 20% of group II, which indicates a high level of anxiety age pregnancy. Only 25% of women first group feels confident. These tests — «the study of anxiety», Spielberger indicate the highest score and anxiety in the group — 70%, compared to the second group is greater than 7 times. 90% of patients II group with low and moderate levels of anxiety. 

Conclusions. Presents a comparative analysis of the age and emotional state of young firstborn. The use of such techniques as Minnesota multidimensional personality questionnaire, Luscher color test and test «the study of anxiety,» Spielberger gives an objective psychological assessment of personality, emotional state determine the effect on pregnancy, childbirth and the postpartum period, reduce pregnancy complications and perinatal losses by developing complex individual preventive measures. 

Keywords: age first child, emotional state, Minnesota multidimensional personality questionnaire, Luscher color test, test «study of anxiety», Spielberger. 


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