• Ozonotherapy in the treatment of disorders menstrual function
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Ozonotherapy in the treatment of disorders menstrual function

HEALTH OF WOMAN. 2017.10(126):109–111; doi 10.15574/HW.2017.126.109

Avramenko N. V., Kabachenko O. V., Barkovsky D. Ye.
Zaporozhye state medical University

Menstrual function disorders and as a result hormonal infertility is a serious social and psychological problem. Treatment is difficult, without effects, with complications.
The objective: to analyse efficiency of the ozontherapy in menstrual function disorders.
Materials and methods. There were observed 109 women with disorders of the menstrual function, 20 healthy women. Anamnestic, clinic-laboratory, hormonal examination was carried out on the2-3 day of menstrual function, sociologic, statistic.
Results. It was detected at menstrual function disorders – hyperprolactinemia (65.71%), hyperandrogenemia (34.29%), combination of hyperprolactinemia and hyperandrogenemia (8.57%), significant hyperoestrogenemia. There are disorders of the menstrual function – 47.14% hypomenstrual syndrome, 35,71% – hypermenstrual syndrome, 17.14% – regular menses with constant anovulation. Hormonal disorders at abnormal menstrual cycle – 65.71% hyperprolactinemia, 34.29% hyperandrogenemia, 8.57% significant hypoestrogenia. Ozon therapy as monotherapy assists the improvement of general condition, decline of пролактину to the level in a control group (277.11±32.12 mkМU/l, р<0.05), free Testosteronum in 2 times (2.76±0.23 pg/ml, р<0.01), DHEA-s went down to 2,78 mcg/ml (р<0.05), the expressed decline of LH (р<0.05) is marked for women with high LH and accordingly decline to the coefficient FSH/LH. At insulinresistent hyperandrogenemia after treatment insulin went down to the normal level (р<0.05). Watching women during 3 years after treatment testifies to the proof positive effect, a menstrual function was normalized in 75 women (68.81%).
Conclusions. 1. Ozonotherapy can be used as an alternative method and in the complex of treatment of violations of menstrual function, infertility. 2. Ozonotherapy assists normalization of hormonal background (reliable decline of levels of Prolactinum, LH, free Testosteronum, DHEA-s, Insulinum), normalization of menstrual function in 68.81%, improvement life quality.
Key words: menstrual function, hormonal imbalanse, ozonotherapy.


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