• An organ-preserving operation in the delivery of a pregnant woman with рlacenta preavia percreta (Clinical observation)

An organ-preserving operation in the delivery of a pregnant woman with рlacenta preavia percreta (Clinical observation)

HEALTH OF WOMAN. 2018.3(129):92–94; doi 10.15574/HW.2018.129.92

Lakatosh V. P., Bila V. V., Stakhovsky A. E., Zahorodnia O. S., Malanchuk O. B.
Bohomolts National Medical University, Kyiv
Perinatal center of Kiev
National Cancer Institute, Kyiv

The article describes a clinical case of childbirth of pregnant with placenta preavia percreta, with a defeat of the bladder wall, speaking about risk factors and gestational complications. The peculiarities of diagnostics of this complication are considered, the chosen tactics of treatment (carrying out of an organ-saving operation) is discussed from the point of view of literary data.
Key words: рlacenta preavia, placenta percreta.


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