• Moral, ethical and legal aspects of counteraction to legalization of euthanasia

Moral, ethical and legal aspects of counteraction to legalization of euthanasia


Danylo Halytsky Lviv National Medical University, Lviv, Ukraine
Tereshkevych H. T.

Objective. To discuss the dangers of euthanasia and bioethics principles that warn against euthanasia, justify features of palliative care as counteraction of euthanasia and illustrate advantages of hospice.
Material and methods. The domestic and foreign scientific literature, normative legal documents of Ukraine were reviewed. Phenomenological, hermeneutic, analytical and comparative methods were used.
Results. The current stage of public health service reformation in Ukraine provides deepening of bioethical knowledge of doctors for their moral, ethical and deontological mentality formation with the aim of evaluation of events and phenomena from the standpoints of universal humanist values. Sometimes the difficult and very responsible doctors’ choice determines the fate of a person or his/her family. Euthanasia is a crime, in which under no circumstances can not participate healthcare workers, who must always stand guard over life. In Ukraine, where the right to life is guaranteed to every citizen by the relevant articles of the Constitution (articles 3, 27, 64), there is no special regulatory legal act concerning euthanasia, but this issue is regulated by the «Fundamentals of legislation of Ukraine on Health Care», strongly prohibited euthanasia and qualified it as premeditated murder. State administration bodies must provide proper control for the compliance of existing laws concerning right to life. The dignity is inherent to every person. Being aware of the devastating consequences of legislative proposals concerning legalization of euthanasia as an alternative palliative medicine should be offered that is the expression of true love and mercy to seriously ill person.
Conclusion. State and society should implement instead of euthanasia palliative therapy – mitigation of sufferings of terminally ill person.
Key words: moral and ethical principles, inviolability of human life, legislative regulation, euthanasia, suffering, palliative care, hospice.


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