• Management of pregnancy and delivery in patients with epilepsy 
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Management of pregnancy and delivery in patients with epilepsy 

HEALTH OF WOMAN. 2015.6(102):41–44 

Management of pregnancy and delivery in patients with epilepsy 

Makarenko M.V, Govseev D.A, Denysenko N.M, Popel O.K, Sysa O.N., Timofeeva O.N.

Kyiv maternity hospital № 5 

Management of pregnancy and delivery in patients with epilepsy is very difficult process, wich requires both obstetntion and other expert. In article are given data of preconceptual, gestational period, delivery. Also presented information about AEDs, their metabolism, that allows healthcare professionals to make treatment decisions and to reduce the maternal and child risk. 

Ключевые слова: epilepsy, pregnancy, anti-epilepticdrugs. 


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