• The incidence of chickenpox of the population of Zhytomyr region (child and adult) in 2015–2017
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The incidence of chickenpox of the population of Zhytomyr region (child and adult) in 2015–2017

SOVREMENNAYA PEDIATRIYA.2018.8(96):61-64; doi 10.15574/SP.2018.96.61

Sinyak Yu. P., Kupryianenko A. V.
MHEI «Zhytomyr Medical Institute» Zhytomyr Regional Council, Ukraine

The urgency of the problem lies in the fact that chickenpox is mainly affected by children. With this disease and possible development of complications caused by both the direct action of the virus, and the accession of a secondary bacterial infection.

Objectives: to analyze the level of morbidity in the Varicella of children and adults in Zhytomyr region.

Design and methods. To achieve the goal, the statistical method is used.

Results. In the course of the analysis of the incidence of diseases by age it was established that the share of children's population in 2015 was 70.7%. Often, children aged 5–9 years were ill, the share of this age interval among the children of childhood was 47.3%. In 2016, an increase in the incidence of both the general and the children's population was observed — the proportion of children accounted for 79.4% of cases. The age range with the highest incidence has changed in the direction of reduction — in 2016, the highest incidence was observed at the age of 1–4 years. The share of adults among all patients was the lowest in 2016 — 20.5% of all cases. In 2017, there was an increase in the incidence in general and, especially among adults. In 2017 among children, the highest incidence was in the age range of 5–9 years.

Conclusions. The results of the study showed that chickenpox is a fairly widespread disease among the adult and infant population of Zhytomyr region. Most often, the VaricellaZoster virus (VZV) affects children 5–9 years old, that is, preschool age, and to a lesser extent — school.

Key words: Varicella, morbidity in Zhytomyr region, adult population, pediatric population.


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Article received: Jul 30, 2018. Accepted for publication: Dec 06, 2018.