• Hemophilia in children: diagnostic and treatment problems 
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Hemophilia in children: diagnostic and treatment problems 

SOVREMENNAYA PEDIATRIYA.2016.8(80):33-37; doi 10.15574/SP.2016.80.33 

Hemophilia in children: diagnostic and treatment problems 

Tsymbalyuk-Voloshyn I. P.

Lviv Regional Council Public Institution «Western Ukrainian Specialized Children's Medical Centre», Ukraine

Danylo Halytskyy Lviv National Medical University, Ukraine 

Hemophilia is X-linked congenital coagulopathy. Patients with hemophilia need life-long substituted therapy with deficient coagulation factor. In the case of early diagnosis with confirmation the type of hemophilia, it severity and inhibitor status, the disease can be successfully controled with appropriate substituted treatment. An important approach is prohilactic substituted treatment of severe hemophilia. It provides high life quality and decreases the risk of invalidity. An experience of family doctors and surgeons in special features of hemophilia helps to prevent severe or even lethal complications of the disease.

Key words: hemophilia, diagnostic, treatment, children.


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