• Feminizing Genitoplasty
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Feminizing Genitoplasty

Paediatric Surgery.Ukraine.2017.2(55):38-47; doi 10.1007/s12611-015-0330-z

Gorduza D. B., Margain-Deslandes L., Mouriquand P., Mure P. Y.
Service de chirurgie pédiatrique, hospices civils de Lyon, groupe hospitalier Est, hôpital femme–mère enfant, France
Service de chirurgie pédiatrique, université Claude-Bernard, Lyon-I, hospices civils de Lyon, groupe hospitalier Est, hôpital femme–mère–enfant, France

The complexity and diversity of pathologies in a feminizing genitoplasty, require a multidisciplinary management by an experienced team. There is an ongoing debate about the indications, timing, and type of feminizing genitoplasty in DSD patients. This article describes the various types of DSD patients, and also the current techniques and outcomes of feminizing surgery.

Key words: DSD, Feminizing genitoplasty, Vaginoplasty, Clitoridoplasty, Perineoplasty.


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