• Features of professional disease of women–medical workers
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Features of professional disease of women–medical workers

HEALTH OF WOMAN. 2017.7(123):70–71; doi 10.15574/HW.2017.123.66

Shelygin A. S.
National Medical Academy of Postgraduate Education P. L. Shupyk of MH of Ukraine, Kiev

The objective: an assessment of a professional case rate of women–medical workers.
Patients and methods. The complex clinical-laboratory and functional assessment of a state of health, including genesial, at 100 women of doctors of various specialties and at 100 women of average medical workers is carried out.
Results. Results of the spent researches testifies to high frequency of professional disease of medical workers of a various link – doctors and nurses.
Conclusion. The received results are necessary for considering by working out of algorithm of diagnostic and treatment-and-prophylactic actions.
Key words: medical workers, professional disease.


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