• Features patogenesise of barrenesses at women with an endometriosis
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Features patogenesise of barrenesses at women with an endometriosis

HEALTH OF WOMAN. 2016.7(113):163–165 

Features patogenesise of barrenesses at women with an endometriosis

Voroby V. D.

Ivano-Frankivsk national medical University

The objective: to study new aspects patogenesise of external genital endometriosis and barreness.

Patients and methods. 100 patients with external genital endometriosis and barreness and almost healthy 20 women have been surveyed. Division of patients into groups was made taking into account degree of distribution external генитального an endometriosis, revealed at carrying out of a surgical laparoscopy.

Results. Аctivity changes proteaz is of great importance in patogenesise developments of an external endometriosis. As a result of decrease katepsinal activity endometrium apoptosise activity of a mucous membrane of a uterus decreases and desqumation cages endometrium are not exposed to the programmed destruction. Getting as a result retrograte menses in a belly cavity pathologically changed endometrium also is not exposed to destruction in connection with oppression proapoptosise agents peritoneal liquids.

Conclusion. Received result it is necessary to use by working out of diagnostic and treatment-and-prophylactic actions.

Key words: external genital endometriosis, barreness, patogenesise.


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