• Experience of videothoracoscopy using in the diagnosis and treatment of patients with mediastinal neoplasms

Experience of videothoracoscopy using in the diagnosis and treatment of patients with mediastinal neoplasms

PAEDIATRIC SURGERY.UKRAINE.2018.3(60):38-40; doi 10.15574/PS.2018.60.38

Malovanyy V. V., Viytovych L. E.
I. Gorbachevskyi Ternopil State Medical University, Ukraine

The current level of video-assisted surgery allows successfully using this technology in the diagnosis and treatment for the majority of surgical diseases of the thoracic organs.

Objective: to analyse the experience of using videotracoscopic interventions in management of patients with mediastinal neoplasms.

Materials and methods. During the period of 2015–2018, in total 23 patients with mediastinal neoplasms were screened and operated in the Thoracic Department of the Ternopil University Hospital.

Results. In 10 patients, videotoracoscopy was used only for diagnostic purposes, for morphological verification of diagnosis in sarcoidosis, malignant neoplasms. Videotracoscopic intervention for therapeutic purposes in our department is used in patients with coelomic pericardial cysts, lipomas, fibromas, neurenomas of the posterior mediastinum. The mean length of hospital stay after the videocatocoscopic operations was 5 days.

Conclusions. Videotoracoscopy in the diagnosis and management of patients with mediastinal neoplasms is a procedure that, in association with the sufficient experience of the operating surgeon, allows providing minimally invasive interventions with low risk of complications and minimum length of hospital stay, along with the maximum diagnostic and therapeutic effects.

Key words: mediastinal neoplasms, videotoracoscopy.


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Article received: Mar 15, 2018. Accepted for publication: Aug 20, 2018.