• Education continuity principle in the training of interns – pediatric surgeons
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Education continuity principle in the training of interns – pediatric surgeons

PAEDIATRIC SURGERY.UKRAINE.2018.1(58):109-112; doi 10.15574/PS.2018.58.109

Konoplitsky V. S.
National Pirogov Memorial Medical University, Vinnytsia, Ukraine

The article shows directions of continuous education of a medical intern – a pediatric surgeon. The basic standards of medical education in Ukraine in the context of the specialists’ training – pediatric surgeons are given; organizational, scientific and methodical principles of educational activity of higher educational institutions are discussed. Such educational tendency promotes the activation and efficacy of the intern-pediatric surgeons’ training – the education of collegial relations between them, the ability to defend their point of view and the ability to listen to the colleagues’ thoughts, the culture of dialogue, responsibility for the results of their work, creation of conditions for the pediatric surgeons’ positive motivation.
Key words: training, pediatric surgeons, postgraduate education.


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