• Disorders of the fatty acid profile of the blood and the ways of its correction in children with congenital hepatitis
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Disorders of the fatty acid profile of the blood and the ways of its correction in children with congenital hepatitis


Disorders of the fatty acid profile of the blood and the ways of its correction in children with congenital hepatitis

Shadrin O. G., Chernega N. F., Marushko R. V.

SU «Institute of Pediatrics, Obstetrics and Gynecology, NAMS of Ukraine», Kiev


Objective: To improve the effectiveness of the treatment of congenital hepatitis based on a study of indicators of cytokines and lipid profile of the blood.

Patients and methods. A total of 24 children with congenital hepatitis were under observation during which was studied their data of cytokines (HGF and TNF-α) and fatty acid profile of the blood.

Results. The use of complex therapy with the use of fish oil in children with congenital hepatitis had a positive dynamics concerning to the reducing of activity of the inflammatory process in the liver. It is established a significant increase in data of cytokines and modification in proportion of fatty acid fraction of the examined children.

Conclusions. Revealed changes justify the advisability of the complex therapy with the use of immunomodulators, anti-fibrotic, detoxificational and correcting fatty acid profile preparations against the optimized nutritional support.

Key words: congenital hepatitis, infants, ursodeoxycholic acid, interferon, fish oil, treatment.



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