• Desmoid tumor of the anterior abdominal wall in a female (Clinical case)
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Desmoid tumor of the anterior abdominal wall in a female (Clinical case)

HEALTH OF WOMAN. 2018.5(131):116–118; doi 10.15574/HW.2018.131.116

Makarenko M. V., Govseyev D. O., Gridchin S. V., Isaeva N. H., Sokol I. V., Berestovoy V. O., Vorona R. M.
Bogomolets National Medical University, Kiev

Desmoid tumors (also called desmoids fibromatosis) are rare slow growing benign and musculoaponeurotic tumors. Although these tumors have a propensity to invade surrounding tissues, they are not malignant. These tumors are associated with women of fertile age, especially during and after pregnancy and postoperative surgeries. 

Our clinical case is interesting because of the rarity of the pathology and the difficulties in setting the correct diagnosis. The patient, with a history of laparoscopic myomectomy (2012), was preparing for a routine surgery for the endometrioma of the anterior abdominal wall, according to the results of the ultrasound and computed tomography. After surgical treatment, the final diagnosis was changed, based on the histological findings.

Key words: desmoid tumor, abdominal wall tumor, fibroid. 


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