• Cytogenetic Diagnosis: features postnatal karyotyping 
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Cytogenetic Diagnosis: features postnatal karyotyping 

HEALTH OF WOMAN.2015.7(103):160–164 

Cytogenetic Diagnosis: features postnatal karyotyping 

Tavokina L. V.

Medical Center LLC "Isida-IVF", Kyiv 

Chromosomal diseases are heavy illness, which, as a rule, are accompanied invalidization of patients. The counseling suppose the complex of preventive measures on prediction of such patients appearance in families. For diagnostics of these diseases traditional karyotyping is used in combination with the different techniques of method of FISH. In a review an author in detail decides on the features of chromosomal analysis at postnatal karyotyping:

– basic principle of chromosomal analysis;

– specifics of the preanalytical stage of researches

– indications for chromosomal analysis 

Key words: chromosomal diseases, karyotyping , FISH-method. 


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