• On the current state of some socio-economic determinants of child mortality in Ukraine
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On the current state of some socio-economic determinants of child mortality in Ukraine

PERINATOLOGY AND PEDIATRIC. UKRAINE. 2018.4(76):78-86; doi 10.15574/PP.2018.76.78

Slabkiy G. О., Dudnyk S. V.
SHEE «Uzhgorod National University», Ukraine
SE «Ukrainian institute of strategic researches of Ministry of Public Health of Ukraine», Kyiv

Purpose — to study, analyze and determine the current state of some of the leading socio-economic determinants of child mortality in Ukraine and it`s tendencies according to the data of a sample survey of house holds with child renon the basis of self-assessment and a determination of the various socio-economic and socio-demographic characteristic sofit`s households.

Patients and methods. The study of the leading social and economic determinants was carried out on the basis of the use of the statistical data of the State Statistics Service of Ukraine «Ukraine Households Self-Perceived of Their Income» (according to the sample household survey), «Expenditures and resources of households in Ukraine» (according to the sample survey of living conditions of households in Ukraine), «Social and Demographic Characteristics of Households of Ukraine» (according to a sample survey of living conditions of householdsof Ukraine) for the period 2011–2016. Data acquisition took place in accordance with the requirements of international standards, methodological requirements, observing main principles to design the sample and and extrapolation (dissemination) of the sample survey data over the total population — all households of Ukraine. The following methods are used: analytical, statistical, comparative analysis, system approach.

Results and conclusions. During the study, the current state of some of the main socio-economic determinants (in comes, expenditures, resources for different socio-economic characteristics, socio-demographic characteristics of households with children, material security, housing conditions, etc.)

of children's health and child mortality has been studied and analyzed. Taking in to account the analysis of socio-economic status of house holds with child renandit`s tendencies, the need for adequate social and economic protection of the child population of the country through appropriate state programs has been established.

Key words: socio-economic determinants, households, interviewing, childmortality, children's health.


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Article received: Aug 27, 2018. Accepted for publication: Dec 10, 2018.