• Clinical features of various forms of hyperplastic processes in endometrium
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Clinical features of various forms of hyperplastic processes in endometrium

HEALTH OF WOMAN. 2017.10(126):112–114; doi 10.15574/HW.2017.126.112

Sadigov Yu. M. 
National Medical Academy of Postgraduate Education P. L. Shupyk, Kiev

The objective: to establish clinical features of various forms of hyperplastic processes in endometrium at women in the perimenopause period taking into account role of chronic endometritis.
Materials and methods. Сlinical-laboratory examination of 100 patients with uterine bleedings of various character and/or existence the ekhografical of symptoms of pathology in endometrium is conducted.
Results. Аt patients with combination are hyperplasias in endometrium and chronic endometritis and with reactive hyperplasia, in comparison with hyperplasia without atypia and with atypia, earlier beginning and expression of clinical symptoms of the disease which duration exceeds 2 years becomes perceptible. At women with simple and difficult typical and atypical hyperplasia communication between morphological option of pathological process and pathognomonic clinical symptomatology is absent. In structure of accompanying diseases at patients with existence of chronic endometritis inflammatory processes of organs of small basin, benign diseases of cervix of uterus, hyperplastic processes in endometrium that testifies to the expressed systemic character of pathology prevail (in comparison with hyperplasia without atypia and with atypia).
Conclusions. Тhe received results needs to be considered when developing algorithm of diagnostic and treatment-and-prophylactic actions at women with hyperplastic processes in endometrium, including, and against a chronic endometritis.
Key words: hyperplastic processes in endometrium, clinic, various forms.


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