• A clinical case of long-term presence of a foreign body in the respiratory tract of a child
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A clinical case of long-term presence of a foreign body in the respiratory tract of a child

Paediatric Surgery.Ukraine.2017.2(55):114-116; doi 10.15574/PS.2017.55.114

Hlutkin A. V., Serhiyenka V. K., Kazhina V. A., Klochko A. I., Dzianisik A. V., Khmialenka A. V.
Educational Establishment «Grodno State Medical University», Belarus
Health Care Institution «Grodno Regional Children’s Clinical Hospital», Belarus

The article describes a clinical case of long-term presence of a foreign body (chicken bone) in the right main bronchus in a child up to two years. The clinical picture, diagnosis and complications arising after the aspiration are described in details. Based on the study data, an optimal method and tactics of a foreign body removal from the airway of a child are chosen.
Key words: rigid bronchoscopy, the airways, foreign body, children.


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