• Clinical-anamnestical features hyperplastic processes an endometrium at women of genesial age
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Clinical-anamnestical features hyperplastic processes an endometrium at women of genesial age

HEALTH OF WOMAN. 2018.5(132):92–95; doi 10.15574/HW.2018.132.92

Sadigov Yu. M.
Shupyk National Medical Academy of Postgraduate Education, Kiev

The objective: studying of clinical-anamnestic features the hyperplastic processes an endometrium at women of genesial age.

Materials and methods. Clinical examination of 176 women with various options of hyperplastic processes an endometrium (the main group) and 30 women of similar age without gynecologic pathology was conducted. Among women of the main group glandular hyperplasia the endometriya met at 58 (33.0%) patients; polyps an endometrium – at 70 (39.8%) and adenomatous hyperplasia an endometrium – respectively at 48 (27.3%) women.

Results. The conducted research taped that for the women suffering from hyperplastic processes an endometrium at genesial age, burdening of the family anamnesis and an adverse background for their development (an idiopathic hypertensia, an obesity, coronary heart disease) are characteristic; an early menarche at glandular hyperplasia an endometrium and polyps an endometrium and later — at an adenomatous hyperplasia an endometrium; the early beginning of sexual life an patients with an adenomatous hyperplasia an endometrium, lack of methods of contraception; professional factors, including hard physical work, influence during the long period time of excess hum, vibration, steams of paintwork materials, production dust; existence of accompanying diseases of the endocrine systems, systems of a circulation, digestive organs; high frequency transferred in the anamnesis and accompanying gynecologic diseases, in features inflammatory diseases of organs of small basin, diseases of mammary glands and hyperplastic processes of cervix uterus.

Сonclusion. The received results needs to be considered when developing tactics of maintaining women of genesial age with hyperplastic processes an endometrium.

Key words: hyperplastic processes endometrium, genesial age.


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