• A case of successful treatment of a newborn with the extensive third degree burns of skin
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A case of successful treatment of a newborn with the extensive third degree burns of skin

Paediatric Surgery.2017.3(56):19-25; doi 10.15574/PS.2017.56.19

Dilanian І. R., Losev O. O., Tatsyuk S. V., Syvolap N. V., Chornenkyi I. B., Gavrylyshen N. R., Gavriliuk Yu. A.
Odesa Regional Clinical Children’s Hospital, Ukraine
Odesa Regional Clinical Medical Center, Ukraine

A case of successful treatment in the neonatal intensive care department of Odessa Regional Clinical Children’s Hospital from 29.05.17 to 01.08.17 of a newborn with extensive thermal skin burn of the body and extremities is described in this article. The baby was admitted to the hospital on the first day of life with thermal burns of the back, buttocks and extremities І-IIА-ІІB – III grades 40% (32%) of body surface with the severe burning shock. The child passed through all stages of burning disease. The baby underwent 6 operations. The overall period of treatment at the intensive care department was 56 bed-days, during 33 days out of them artificial lung ventilation was provided; total duration of hospital stay was 65 bed-days. The child was discharged from the hospital in good condition.
Key words: thermal burn, newborn, burning disease, burning shock, autodermoplasty.


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