• Brucellosis — rare but stil existing illness (case study). 
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Brucellosis — rare but stil existing illness (case study). 

SOVREMENNAYA PEDIATRIYA.2014.2(58):116-118; doi 10.15574/SP.2014.58.116 

Brucellosis — rare but stil existing illness (case study). 

Rymarenko N. V., Dedura E. N., Mazinova E. R., Ivanovskiy S. V., Dzhemilova H. S.

SE «Crimean state medical university named after S.I Georgievsky», с. Simferopol

CSE «Hospital of Children's Infectious Diseases», с. Simferopol 

Summary. The article presents a clinical case of brucellosis in a 10-year-old girl that was supervised by the authors. At the moment of hospitalization a girl complained to fever up to 38,5–39,0°C during two weeks, chill, headache and pain in area of sacrum on the right, weakness, decrease of appetite. The epidemiology anamnesis revealed that the food ration of the child contained home-made cheese cooked from unboiled cow milk. An objective examination revealed lymphadenopathy, increase size of liver and spleen, pain at palpation of right sacroiliac area. In peripheral blood leucopenia with a relative lymphocytosis was found, ESR was increased. At serum research the increased title of IgM was educed to Brucella abortus. Treatment was conducted with the use of combination of cefoperazone and clarithromycin and was effective. 

Key words: brucellosis, diagnostic, children. 


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