• Association of generalized forms of meningococcal infection with herpesviruses.
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Association of generalized forms of meningococcal infection with herpesviruses.

SOVREMENNAYA PEDIATRIYA.2014.3(59):28-32; doi 10.15574/SP.2014.59.28

Association of generalized forms of meningococcal infection with herpesviruses.


Buryak V. N., Sergienko A. S.

Donetsk National Medical University named after Maxim Gorky


Aim: Determine the role of herpesviruses in the genesis of generalized forms of meningococcal infection.


Materials and methods: 108 children aged 2 months to 18 years were examinated with meningitis and meningococcemia , as well as 30 healthy children formed the control group . Detection of herpesvirus included determination of specific antibodies in serum : IgM HSV 1 / 2 , IgG HSV1 / 2 , IgM CMV, IgG CMV, IgM-VCA EBV, IgG-EA EBV, IgG-EBNA EBV, as well as genetic material in the saliva : EBV DNA DNA HSV1 / 2 , DNA CMV. 


Results: It was revealed an active stage of herpes 1 / 2 type infection in 10.4 % of patients with meningitis and in 66.7 % of individuals with meningococcemia . Study of markers of CMV infection detected active stage of the disease in 10.4 % of individuals with meningitis and in 10 % of patients with meningococcemia . Active Epstein—Barr virus infection was detected in 23.3 % of cases with meningococcemia and has not determined in meningitis, with 46.7 % of patients with a combination of the latter are observed of mentioned viral infection with active herpes1 / 2 type . In the control group the active stages of herpes viruses have not registered. Active stages of herpesviruses and generalized forms of meningococcal disease characterized predominantly complicated course of the latter , with the latent state of these viruses combined with the smooth course of the main bacterial process.


Conclusions: 1 . Meningococcemia in all cases associated with the active stages of herpes viruses, most ( 23.3 % of individuals ) with Epstein—Barr virus and 46.7 % with the combination of the latest and herpes virus1 / 2 type infection.

2 . Meningitis combined in 10.4 % of cases with active herpes and cytomegalovirus infections.

3 . Active stages of herpesvirus often associated with complications of meningitis and meningococcemia .


Key words: herpesviruses, meningitis, meningococcemia, children.



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