• An allergic rhinitis treatment: the way from an evidence to practical medicine.
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An allergic rhinitis treatment: the way from an evidence to practical medicine.

SOVREMENNAYA PEDIATRIYA. 2014. 5(61):8387; doi 10.15574/SP.2014.61.83 

An allergic rhinitis treatment: the way from an evidence to practical medicine.

Kryuchko Т. А., Tkachenko О. Y., Vovk Y. A., Lukanin А. V. 
HSEI «Ukrainian medical stomatology academy», Poltava

Purpose: the evaluation of the children lifestyles suffering from allergic rhinitis, using intranasal drug therapy «Aqua Maris Sense».

Patients and methods: The study included a screening visit, registration according to symptom scale and five scheduled visits. The complex included cromones local and intranasal antihistamines. The main group consist of 38 children who were appointed «Aqua Maris Sense». The comparative group included 22 children who were appointed an ordinary sea salt solution.

Results: the therapeutic effect in both groups of patients was observed already on the third day of the treatment but it was more pronounced in the main group children. «Aqua Maris Sense» spray use contributed to the fast regression of the allergic rhinitis symptoms. It increased the quality of the patients lifestyle and reduced the need for a nasal antihistamine therapy.

Conclusion: «Aqua Maris Sense» is an effective and safe remedy of an intranasal therapy among children with an allergic rhinitis.

Key words: allergic rhinitis, children, intranasal therapy.

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