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Dear advertisers!

Group of Companies "MedExpert" is the organizer of scientific and educational projects aimed at improving of doctors’ qualifications of various specialties in medicine.

Over the years we have earn the trust of a large medical audience. Specialized medical publications, conducting research and practice workshops for doctors of various specialties in all regions of Ukraine, cooperation with leading domestic and foreign experts, long-term partnerships with state healthcare institutions and community organizations, participation in health exhibitions and conferences, social projects conduced to a large targeted audience and growth of the company's authority in a medical environment.

Taking in consideration the many years of our experience and opportunities, "MedExpert" offers a unique marketing solution to promote products and services in the healthcare in Ukraine. The list of services includes:

1. Publication of information content in specialized medical scientific journals of Publishing Company “EXPERT” of  “MedExpert”Group:

  • Modern pediatrics
  • The Health of Woman
  • Perinatology and pediatrics
  • Ukraine. Health of the Nation
  • Social pediatrics and rehabilitation

2. Allocation of the stands and information about products in the annual series of workshops for doctors organized by the “MedExpert” Group of companies.

3. Organization "turn-key project" of personal workshops for pharmaceutical companies as in an off-site format and in the videoconferences format with using of the latest telecom technologies.

4. For companies with a limited promotion budget we suggest the format of absentee participation in the most of the events included in the official list of conferences and exhibitions.

5. Realization of marketing researches in Ukraine.

6. Organization of trainings for doctors, pharmacists and employees of pharmaceutical companies.


For detailed information, please call: +38 044 230-27-19 or

E-mail: pediatr@med-expert.com.ua Contact person – Arestovich Irina