• Adenomyosis: diagnostics, tactics of treatment and rehabilitation of genesial function
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Adenomyosis: diagnostics, tactics of treatment and rehabilitation of genesial function

HEALTH OF WOMAN. 2018.8(134):30–32; doi 10.15574/HW.2018.134.30

Prudnikov P. M.
Shupyk National Medical Academy of Postgraduate Education, Kiev

The objective: depression frequencies disturbances genesial function and gestational complications at| women with various forms of an adenomyosis on the basis of studying of new aspects of pathogenesis nodal and diffuse forms, and also development of algorithm of diagnostic, treatment-and-prophylactic and rehabilitational actions depending on an adenomyosis form.

Materials and methods. Researches were conducted in three stages. At 1 stage 200 women of genesial age with an adenomyosis who addressed for surgical treatment in unit of operational gynecology were surveyed. At the 2nd stage of researches 100 women of genesial age who were operative concerning the sterility caused by existence of nodal or diffuse forms of an adenomyosis І and ІІ to degree were surveyed. To all patients sterility treatment with use of auxiliary genesial technologies – an extracorporal fertilization or ICSI was carried out. At the 3rd stage we studied features of a course of pregnancy and labors at 33 of 100 women (the 2nd stage) who had various programs of auxiliary genesial technologies. The complex of the conducted researches included clinical, ekhografical, dopplerometrical, endocrinologic, immunohistochemical, morphological, psychological and static methods.

Results. Results of the conducted researches testify that the problem of conservation of genesial health at women with various forms of an adenomyosis is rather actual and conforms to all modern requirements. The algorithm of maintaining women developed by us with various forms of an adenomyosis, since well-timed diagnostics, expeditious treatment, rehabilitation of genesial function and finishing the course of pregnancy and labors allows to reduce the frequency of disturbances of genesial health at women of genesial age with an adenomyosis.

Conclusion. The received results allow to recommend them for wide use in practical health care.

Key words: adenomyosis, various forms, sterility, diagnostics, treatment, pregnancy, labors.


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