• Treatment tactics in children with haemangiomas

Treatment tactics in children with haemangiomas

Paediatric Surgery.2017.4(57):41-45; doi 10.15574/PS.2017.57.41

Vivcharuk V. P., Paschenko Yu. V., Grechanina Y.B.

Objective. Perfection of methods and improvement cosmetic results of haemangioma treatment in children.
Material and methods. The treatment analysis of 53 children with haemangiomas, who were treated in Kharkov Regional Children’s Clinical Hospital No.1 was performed. The patients’ selection conducted randomly according to their admission to the department. All patients were provided clinical, anamnestic examination, lab tests, and instrumental investigations.
Results. Systemic therapy with β-adrenoblokers for 19 children was prescribed. Primary surgery in 19 children was performed and 7 children were operated due to residual alterations after systemic therapy. Usage of high-frequency electric coagulator ЕК-300 М1 during the surgery significantly reduced time of operations, improved intraoperative conditions and results of surgical treatment. Combining local treatment with β-adrenoblokers and permanent compression in 15 children speeded up regression and improved cosmetic results treatment outcomes.
Conclusions. Usage of high-frequency electric coagulator ЕК-300 М1 significantly improves conditions and surgical treatment outcomes. Combining local treatment of β-adrenoblokers and permanent compression is very effective in treatment of haemangioma in children.
Key words: children, haemangioma, surgical treatment, local therapy.