• Somatic status of the patients with different forms of endometrial pathology in late reproductive age and premenopausal period

Somatic status of the patients with different forms of endometrial pathology in late reproductive age and premenopausal period

HEALTH OF WOMAN. 2017.3(119):93–102; doi 10.15574/HW.2017.119.93

Korniyenko S. M.
State Institute of Pediatrics, Obstetrics and Gynаecology, Kyiv, Ukraine

The objective:  to study the relationship of extragenital pathology and pathology of the endometrium in women of late reproductive and premenopausal age.

Patients and methods. In an observational cross-sectional study by a solid sample included 325 women 35–55 years old, average age 41.1±0.27 years old, suffering from various types of pathology of the endometrium. The survey included a study of complaints, anamnesis, complete physical and hysteroscopic examination.

Results. Based on these data, it can be concluded relatively high prevalence of somatic diseases among women with PE in the late reproductive and premenopausal age. Almost 3/4 of cases examined in this study, there was at least one of extragenital diseases. In addition, the often observed multiple extragenital diseases: one-third of patients suffered two or three extragenital diseases, and every ninth observed four or more extragenital diseases. Moreover, multiple extragenital diseases associated with endometrial hyperplasia rather than with endometritis, endometrial polyps or synechiae, and hyperplasia with atypia, they met 2.2 times more often than in other forms of pathology of the endometrium. In the structure of genital comorbid factors associated with an increased incidence of somatic certainly dominated uterine fibroids and ovarian cysts. In our study, it is in respect of uterine fibroids showed the greatest number of significant relationships.

Conclusion. High associativity extragenital predictors and uterine pathology in late reproductive and premenopausal age indicates the need to change the treatment paradigm fragmented, focused on major diseases and easy to miss the sight of the significant impact of comorbidity on the overall health and quality of life of the patient.

Key words: endometrial pathology, late reproductive age, premenopausal, extragenital pathology.


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