• Serologic status, lymphocyte subsets and the system of TNF-receptors in CMV-infected pregnant women

Serologic status, lymphocyte subsets and the system of TNF-receptors in CMV-infected pregnant women

PERINATOLOGIYA I PEDIATRIYA. 2017.1(69):39-45; doi 10.15574/PP.2017.69.39

Serologic status, lymphocyte subsets and the system of TNF-receptors in CMV-infected pregnant women

Chernyshov V. P., Radysh T. V., Тоlkach S. M., Pisareva S. P.

SI «Institute of Pediatrics, Obstetrics and Gynecology of NAMS of Ukraine», Kyiv

Purpose — to study immune status in CMV-infected pregnant women according to their detailed serologic status.

Materials and methods. Serologic diagnostic method was used to determine IgM, level and avidity of IgG antibodies to CMV. ELISA was used for measurement level of TNF and TNF soluble receptors I and II. Lymphocyte subset analysis was carried out with flow cytometry. A total of 279 CMV seropositive women were examined at 6-12 weeks gestation.

Results. The majority of cases (18%) of low avidity CMV IgG were found among women with positive IgM and low IgG level. The low avidity antibodies were also detected in 7% of women with positive IgM and medium IgG level, and only 1% of patients with negative IgM and high IgG level. Аvidity of IgG antibodies inversely correlated with IgM positivity (r=-0.62; p<0.05) and directly correlated with IgG level (r=0.75; p<0.05). IgM positive women with low avidity and low IgG level hаd low level of CD3+, CD3+CD4+ lymphocyte, high level of NK, CD8 positive NK and CD3+CD56+ lymphocytes. They also showed increased TNF concentration and decreased level of TNF soluble receptors of both types. High numbers of NK, CD8 positive NK, CD3+CD56+ cells and increased TNF level were found in IgM positive women with medium avidity and medium IgG level. IgM negative women with high avidity and high IgG level showed high level of CD3+CD56+ cells only.

Conclusions. Serologic status of newly CMV infection (low IgG avidity plus low IgG level plus IgM positivity) and serologic status of CMV reactivation (medium IgG avidity plus medium IgG level plus IgM positivity) in pregnant women associate with NK, NKT-cells and TNF activation. Newly CMV infection and virus reactivation pregnant women causes immune status that put a pregnancy at risk.

Key words: cytomegalovirus infection, pregnancy, serologic status, avidity, lymphocytes subsets, natural killer, NK-like T-cells, tumours necrosis factor.


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