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стр. 9 Reducing pain in certain forms of obstetric pathology: nonsteroidal antiQinflammatory drugs (Сlinical lecture) Nazarenko L.
стр. 15 Post-release of the 1st International Congress "Reproductive health: a multidisciplinary campaign in the continuous professional development of doctors"
стр. 29 Современные подходы к лечению тяжелых менструальных кровотечений у женщин репродуктивного возраста Медицинская газета «Здоров’я України». – Тематический номер «Гинекология. Акушерство. Репродуктология» №2, 2017
стр. 31 The role of hyperprolactinaemia in the genesis of stressQinduced infertility and the possibility of its correction Tatarchuk T. F., Kosei N. V., Reheda S. I., Iarotska N. V., Gorokhova G. O.
стр. 40 Features of menstrual function in women with infertility and thyroid gland pathology Romanenko T. G., Chayka O.
стр. 45 Discussion of new approach to the management of polycystic ovary syndrome Doubossarskaya Z. M.
стр. 50 Modern view of the psychological preparedness of a woman to maternity Ancheva I.
стр. 53 Iron deficiency condition in obstetrics and gynecology Vdovychenko Yu. P., Gopchuk E. N.
стр. 57 Modern view on the problem of pelvic inflammatory disease in women Dubossarskaya Z. M., Dubossarskaya Yu. A., Grek L. P., Ushakova Т. B.
стр. 65 Reproductive anamnesis of women with postpartum purulentQseptic complications Pyrohova V. I., Feyta Y. R.
стр. 71 The glycemic profile of blood in people with diabetes mellitus, subjected to minimally invasive treatment of ureterolithiasis Vozianov S. O., Gurzhenko A. Yu.
стр. 78 Electromyographic monitoring of the effectiveness of complex treatment of patients with hyperactive bladder and hypokinetic tone detrusora and combined neurogenic pathology of the distal colon Chabanov P. V.
стр. 81 Approaches to Treatment of Infections of Lower Urinary Tracts in Women of Reproductive Age Romashchenko O. V., Grygorenko V. M., Biloholovska V. V., Lebid L. O., Volkov S. S.
стр. 93 Characteristic features of puberty in adolescent girls from the Precarpathian region and the main factors of reproductive potential decline Dziombak V. B., Makarchuk O. M.
стр. 97 Вирусные гепатиты у женщин репродуктивного возраста Зайцев И. А.
стр. 103 The analysis of abdominal delivery cases at labor activity anomalies Vdovichenko Yu. P., Goncharuk N. P., Gurzhenko Е. Yu.
стр. 107 The study of the effectiveness of actography in the risk group of placental dysfunction in the third trimester of pregnancy Zhuk S. I., Oshovskiy V. I., Solovey Ye. G.
стр. 111 Fetal monitoring in pregnant women with complicated obstetric history Vorobey L. I.
стр. 115 Местное лечение инфекционного вагинита: влияние комбинированных препаратов на рост лактобактерий Медичні аспекти здоров’я жінки, №3 (108), 2017
стр. 119 Prevention of complications of vaginal hysterectomy Golyanovsky O. V., Gubar I. A., Kulchytsky D. V.
стр. 124 Optimization of treatment of patients with follicular ovarian cysts Lakhno I. V., Tkachov A. E., Segal O. S., Zhdanyuk S. O., Ablyazova A. O., Nesmiyan N. V.
стр. 128 Peculiarities of hormonal homesostasis and its role in implementation of profilative processes of exo- endocervix in the background cervical lesions associated with functional ovarian cysts Matviykiv N. I., Makarchuk O. M.
стр. 132 Immunological interaction of organisms of the women with infertility included in the IVF program Lytvyn N. V.
стр. 136 Immunological interaction of organisms of the women with infertility included in the IVF program Lytvyn N. V.
стр. 140 Atherogenic predictive markers of preeclampsia (Analytical review of literature and own observations) Aks'onova A.V.
стр. 144 Задержка роста плода – диагностика и лечение Адаптировано – С.А. Шурпяк
стр. 152 Патология эклампсии: серия вскрытий Jonathan L. Hecht, Jaume Ordi, Carla Carrilho, Mamudo R. Ismail, Zsuzsanna K. Zsengeller, S. Ananth Karumanchi, and Seymour Rosen