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Вітаємо з нагородою.




«Головні аспекти імунізації, профілактики та лікування інфекційних хвороб в Україні»: підсумки всеукраїнського річного циклу семінарів.




Лечение ОРВИ и профилактика их осложнений у часто болеющих детей: преимущества фитотерапии.




Наказ про порядок проведення профілактичних щеплень в Україні та контроль якості й обігу медичних імунобіологічних препаратів.




Belogortseva O. I., Stelmach О. M., Simonenkova N. V., Otroshchenko A. A., Makarenko I. V., Sivachenko O. E., Dotsenko J. I.

Dynamics and characteristics of epidemiological indicators of tuberculosis in children aged 0 to 14 years in Ukraine for the period 2006–2009.


Summary. The article presents data on children's tuberculosis in Ukraine. The basic epidemiological parameters for the period 2006–2009 years, analyzed the structure of the clinical forms of TB incidence and prevalence in children under the age of 14 years. The results of the study confirmed that the structure of the clinical forms of childhood TB are prevalent primary forms of the disease: among all cases of respiratory TB 48% of tuberculosis of intrathoracic lymph nodes, 19.4% — the primary tuberculous complex. During the study period there have been negative trends in the distribution by category of children with TB. Every year an increasing number of cases with widespread lesions, complicated and severe disease. In modern terms epidemiologicheskih tuberculin diagnosis remains the primary method of detecting tuberculosis skrinigovym infection in children.

Key words: children, tuberculous infection, tuberculin diagnosis.



Podolskyi V. V., Dronova V. L., Peterburzhskaia V. F.

Medical and social value of modern medical technologies for the future response of reproductive health of girls as a prospect of diagnosis and treatment of pubertal uterine bleeding.


Summary. The questionnaire of 100 girl-adults in order to study the efficiency of modern technologies in the field of obstetrics and gynecology (diagnosis and treatment of pubertal uterine bleeding) is conducted. It is established that the treatment of patients with pubertal uterine bleeding according to treatment protocol allows not only to achieve hemostasis, but also to restore normal menstrual cycle, thereby improving reproductive health and to preserve the reproductive potential of future generations.

Key words: medical and social influence, modern medical technologies, pubertal uterine bleeding.



Slabkyi G. A., Parkhomenko G. Ya.

Stance of medical workers of children's hospitals on the level of the material consideration and stimulation to effective work.


Summary. The results of sociological study of medical workers of children's hospitals of the second and third levels of medical care with respect to their moral and material satisfaction from work, evaluation of incentives to the effect work and the desired amount of material consideration is shown. It is established incentives and disincentives of medical workers of children's hospitals to effective work.

Key words: medical workers, sociological study, moral and material satisfaction from work, stimulation to effective work, material consideration.



Buryak V. N., Taktashov S. I., Mahmutov R. F., Poshehonova J. V., Shaban N. I.

Features of local immune barriers of nasopharyngeal mucous membrane in group of often get sick children in the dinamic of treatment by solutions of the drugs of sea water Aqua Maris strong and Aqua Maris hypertonic for throat.


Summary. Installed high efficiency and safety of the use of hypertonic solutions of sea water Aqua Maris strong and Aqua Maris hypertonic for throat to readjustment of pathogenic bacterial microflora, as well as the rehabilitation of local immunological barriers of nasopharyngeal mucous membrane in the group of often get sick children.

Key words: often get sick children, Aqua Maris strong, Aqua Maris hypertensic for throat, nasopharyngeal mucous membrane, immune barriers.



Kashina-Yarmak V. L.

The peculiarities in the development of offsprings of parents which exposed to radiation in child's age owing to the Chernobyl disaster, depending on the term of stay of parents on the controlled territories.


Summary. The 132 children are investigated from families, where parents were exposed to radiation in child's age owing to the Chernobyl disaster. It is set intercommunication between the terms of stay of parents on the controlled territories with the peculiarities of their offspring developmental milestones. It is certain that in the special attention children need during the clinical supervision, whose parents had been evacuated out from these territories in 1986–1989 years. Children who lived on the controlled territories during six and more than years in future at planning of birth of child must get the medical genetic advising.

Key words: children, offspring of the radiation-exposed parents, controlled territories.



Kruger E. A., Bogadelnikov I. V., Bobrysheva A. V., Mazinova E. R., Zdyrko E. V.

Bullous eruption — marker of gravity of meningococcal infection.


Summary. This article describes the case of his own clinical observation of generalized forms of meningococcal infection (meningitis + meningococcemia) with the presence of flash-like purple with elements of bullous eruption.

Key words: meningococcal infection, meningococcemia, eruption, children.



Снегоцкая М. Н., Конопелько О. Ю.

Об эффективности использования препарата Биоарон С для профилактики и лечения ОРЗ.




Kovaleva E. M., Pokhil'ko V. I., Goncharova Yu. A., Mironenko K. E.

Medical and psychological support of mothers during the treatment of their children in the Neonatal Intensive Developmental Care Unit.


Summary. The article is devoted to the study of stress levels in mothers whose children were treated in the Neonatal Intensive Developmental Care Unit, and development of a complex of measures for psychological support of parents during the diagnostic and treatment process in their children. It is shown that 28.6% of mothers were in a state of severe, and 68.8% — in a state of moderate stress. Greater level of stress is set to mothers of premature babies. According to a survey of mothers, the largest role in the recovery of their children belongs to the family and only then to- medical personnel. Complex of measures for medical and psychological support of mothers included providing psychological support to parents, increasing parental psychological culture and promoting to development of necessary skills.

Key words: medical and psychological support, newborn, family, stress, quality of medical services.



Marushko Yu. V., Grachova M. G.

Helminthiasis in children: state of the problem, the features of diagnosis and therapy.


Summary. At the present stage of parasitic diseases are recognized as a countrywide problem. This is due to their prevalence and negative impact on human health that leads to significant economic costs. Especially it is belongs to child population, as among patients with helminthiasis, it is more than 80%. The data about the frequency of helminth infections, clinical manifestations, diagnosis, complications, and use of some antihelminthiasis agents is presented.

Key words: helminthiases, antihelminthiasis agents, Gelmintoks.



Motsar V. V., Nikitina N. V., Trofimova I. A., Levchenko G. D., Mashkovskaya D. V.

Experience with the drug Immunoflazid with protein-energy malnutrition in young children.


Summary. Article is devoted to the treatment of protein-energy malnutrition (PEM) — common condition in children. On the example of the study involving 60 children treated at the department of pediatrics early age, the drug shows efficacy of Immunoflazid — non-specific inducer of endogenous interferon.

Key words: protein-energy malnutrition, interferon inducers, treatment, children.



Starets O. O., Godlevskaya O. V.

Low birth weight infants: epidemiology in the Odessa region.


Summary. The article presents an analysis of the dynamics of low birth weight infants within five years from 2006 to 2010 in the Odessa region. Analyzed mortality rates in neonates with low body weight, depending on body weight at birth. It is shown that the maximum rates of neonatal mortality observed in children with extremely low and very low birth weight. Analyzed infant mortality rates, as well as the proportion of premature deaths among infants in the Odessa region in Ukraine.

Key words: children with low birth weight, prematurity, neonatal mortality, infant mortality.



Kvashnina L. V., Rodionov V. P., Oniskova O. V.

Using the vitamin D and his preparation in modern pediatrics.


Summary. In article are brought modern given for formation, mechanism of the action, using the vitamin D and his derived as medicinal preparation in pediatrics.

Key words: children, vitamin D, preparations of the vitamin D.



Vorobyova O. V., Mukhina N. I., Vasilenko B. A., Gudova O. A., Levchenko L. A., Podolyaka V. L., Mukhin A. S.

Experience of L-carnitine in premature infants.


Summary. 46 premature infants, the part of which were treated by the conventional scheme, and part — with the addition of carnitine are examined. Carnitine promotes to «mitigation» of catabolic phase of energy metabolism and normalization of the enzyme systems activity, protein and fat metabolism of the body of the child. The consequence of these processes are more intense decrease in the percentage of underweight due to a stable positive dynamics of the weight curve, normalization of the gastrointestinal tract activity, formation of sucking reflex in comparison with the children who are not received preparation, which gives ample opportunity for its use in neonatology.

Key words: preterm, enteral feeding, carnitine.



Спиваковский Ю. М., Эйберман А. С., Чередникова Е. С.

Эффективность использования смеси «Хумана HN mit MCT» в питании детей с атопическим дерматитом и гипотрофией.




Berezhnoi V. V., Marushko T. V., Garmish O. O.

The features of treatment of juvenile idiopathic arthritis on the present stage.


Summary. The clinical recommendations about the algorithm of treatment of juvenile idiopathic arthritis according to the recommendations of the American College of Rheumatology (2011) are presented. For the use of algorithm in parallel with the definition of the category of treatment is necessary to establish the level of disease activity and to stratify patient according to the presence of adverse prognostic factors.

Key words: juvenile idiopathic arthritis, treatment.



German O. B., Andreev S. A.

Factors of gastro-intestinal pathology development in children with juvenile rheumatoid arthritis.


Summary. The article reports the role of different factors in the development of the upper gastrointestinal tract (GT) pathology's in children suffering from juvenile rheumatoid arthritis (JRA) . The choiсe of the pharmacological therapy has its effect on severity of lesions in mucous tunic of GT in children with JRA.

Key words: juvenile rheumatoid arthritis, H. pylori, therapy.



Senatorova A. S., Gonchar M. A., Chaychenko T. V., Sanin I. A., Onikiyenko O. L., Buzhinskaya N. R., Boychenko A. D., Matsiyevskaya N. K., Tsymbal V. N., Verhelis N. V.

An epidemiologic study of cardiovascular system in schoolchildren of Kharkiv region (first stage).


Summary. The article presents data of the state of the cardiovascular system in schoolchildren of Kharkov region based on population studies. The research includes 582 pupils aged from 10 to 17. State of the cardiovascular system was assessed on the basis of clinical studies, electrocardiogram data and the level of Ruf’s index. The state of the cardiovascular system was assessed as normal in 147 (25,26±1,8%) children.

Key words: cardiovascular system, children, ECG, Ruf’s test.



Marushko U. V., Gischak T. V.

The prospects of the peroral cephalosporins use in pediatric practice, to therapy of the pulmonary diseases.


Summary. In the article information about the use of peroral cephalosporins (Lexin, Cefutil, Cefodox) in pediatric practice is presented, for treatment of the pulmonary diseases at children. These literatures and own researches about clinical efficiency and safety of peroral cephalosporins are presented.

Key words: pulmonary diseases, antibiotic treatment, peroral cephalosporins.



Buriak O. G., Yashchenko Yu. B.

Diagnostic value of indexes of oxidizing modification of albumens in diagnostics of respiratory failure of parenhimatosis genesis in newborn at critical conditions.


Summary. In clinical research to 84 newborn with respiratory failure are conducted study of the state of the prooxydate system by calculating indexes of peroxide oxygenation of albumens in the expiratory air condensate. Found out the increase of level of carbonil groups in pulmonary exspirates, and also diagnostic value of this test is well-proven in diagnostics of respiratory failure of parenhimatosis genesis.

Key words: newborn, respiratory failure, oxidizing modification of albumens, pulmonary exspirates.



Тарасова Г. Д., Иванова Т. В., Протасов П. Г.

Заболевании верхних дыхательных путей.




Bezrukov L. O., Ivanova L. A.

Actors of bronchial inflammation under the different phenotypes of bronchial asthma in children.


Summary. 372 children suffering from bronchial asthma were observed at the department of pulmonary disease and allergology of the Chernivtsi regional children clinical hospital. The study shows that phenotypic clasters of bronchial asthma in children are characterized by inhomogeneity of inflammatory changes in the bronchi. The content of nitric oxide metabolites and catalase activity in the expired air condensate is the highest with severe bronchial asthma in children. Basic aldehyde and ketoderivatives of 2.4 dinitrophenylhydrazones in the expired air condensate are the highest in the patients with late-onset asthma. Neutral aldehyde and ketoderivatives of 2.4 dinitrophenylhydrazones and proteolytic activity of albumins in the expired air condensate are the highest as to azoalbumin, asocasein and asocole lysis in patients with hyperreactive bronchial asthma.

Key words: bronchial asthma, children, factors of bronchial inflammation.



Kuznetsov S. V., Kirsanova T. A., Vovk T. G., Meshkov A. A., Strukov D. V., Solomko S. S.

Status of immunity under viral croup in early age children.


Summary. The article presents the results of the study of cytokine status and indices of local immunity of children with acute respiratory viral infection which accompany by croup. Investigation shows that hydropic and hypersecretory variants of croup proceed against a background of considerable intensification of system inflammatory response and reliable decrease of factors of local immunity during all disease, what conform to hypocompensatory variant of response of immune system. Spasmodic variant of croup proceed against a background of physiological level of cytokines and increase of indices of local immunity during acute period and their decrease in early reconvalescence period, what conform to normocompensatory variant of response of immune system. Taking into account hypocompensatory variant of response of immune system at children with hydropic and hypersecretory variants of croup in therapy of patients medicine which has immunomodulatory action can be include.

Key words: croup, immunity, children.



Tsymbalista O. L., Havrilyuk O. I.

Pneumonia in children: the roentgenological and endoscopic characteristics and bacteriological diagnosis.


Summary. The roentgenologic picture of the complicated pneumonia in 338 children aged 6–18 was studied. In 219 of them the character of inflammatory process of the tracheobronchial tree was investigated. The analysis of the bacteriological investigation's results of flushing water and the antybiotykogram was carried out. Roentgenologically, the bronchial pneumonia was diagnosed more often in children in the sings of the undifferentiated connective tissue dysplasia — in 64,6 per cent, in it's absence — in 78,8 per cent cases (p<0,01), rarely — partial (24,5 per cent and 16,4 percent, p>0,05) and segmental (10,9 per cent and 4,8 per cent correspondingly, p<0,05). In children surveyed predominantly diffuse pyogenic (56,2 percent), the rest — catarrhal_pyogenic endobronhit (43,8 per cent). In most children with complicated pneumonia often sown St. Pneumonia (27,7%), St. aureus (22,0%), St. pyogenes (12,1%), Moraxella cat. (9,9%), Acinetobacter (7,1%). Less sown Kl. рneumonia (6,4%), Ps. Aerugenosae (5,7%). Fungi of the genus Candida in monoculture and in combination with other microorganisms were sown in 29,8% of cases.

Key words: children, pneumonia, diagnosis, purulent endobronhit, antybiotykohrama.



Belousova O. Yu.

The use of modern functional foods at constiation and intestial dysbiosis.


Summary. The role of functional foods in the development and normalization of the gastrointestinal tract in infants is shown. The study of the effectiveness of an adapted milk formula «Humana Bifidus with probiotic lactulose» in infants of the first year of life admitted to hospital with «ARVI» or «acute bronchitis» diagnosis with the presents of concomitant functional dyspepsia (functional constipation, functional colic and infant dyschezia) is conducted. The results of clinical approbation of milk formula have shown that its application is the best in the organization of preventive care for healthy children of the first months of life, who are on the bottle-feeding, and also children requiring prophylaxis or treatment of minimal gastrointestinal dysfunction.

Key words: functional digestive disorders, infants, diet, adapted milk formula, lactulose, Humana Bifidus.



Honchar V. V., Horelik V. V.

Features of diagnostics of the chronic lock at children with spina bifida.


Summary. In article the modern view on a problem of diagnostics chronic lock at children with spina bifida is presented, the basic features of diagnostic process at children of this group are analysed. The analysis of complications of an establishment of the diagnosis is carried out. The uniform diagnostic algorithm which will allow at inspection of patients with locks at SPINA BIFIDA is developed and offered to use not to suppose errors and an inadmissible tightening of the beginning of effective treatment. New classification of locks at children is developed.

Key words: spina bifida, diagnostics of chronic locks, a chronic lock.



Shadrin O.G., Marushko T.L., Lenchenko A.V., Tarasyuk B.A., Marushko R.V.

Experience of use of Hofitol for treatment of prolonged conjugated jaundice in infants.


Summary. The article presents the results of the survey of 40 children aged from 1 to 3 months with prolonged conjugated jaundice. The dynamic ultrasound research using choleretic breakfast revealed biliary tract disorders and subclinical manifestations of cholestasis syndrome in most children, which confirms the role of biliary dyskinesia in the pathogenesis of this disease. Established that the use of the drug Chophytol leads to the rapid regression of clinical and biochemical signs of jaundice and cholestasis, promotes the normalization of biliary tract motility, has a sufficient level of security, allows to treat the patient in out-patient settings.

Key words: infants, biliary dyskinesia, conjugated jaundice, Hofitol.



Yeloyeva Z. V.

The meaning of bile structure in diagnostics of viral hepatite A cholestatic variants in children.


Summary. Phisicochemical bile study of children who suffer from viral hepatite A with cyclic and acyclic course have been carried out as well as the diagnostic criteria of biliary disorders in the termination of disease has been worked out. The results of investigation carried out the pathogenetic role of cholestasis in the formation of cholecystocholangitis and cholelithiasis in the termination of viral hepatite A in children. The cholestasis, lithogenesis and inflammation factors, revealed in bile, based the necessity of prescription of anticholestatic, contrinflammatory and litholytic therapy.

Key words: viral hepatite A outcomes, cholestasis, lithogenesis.



Kvashnina L. V., Rodionov V. P., Ignatova T. B.

Use of combined drug «Omez D» for treatment functional dyspepsia in children of primary school age.


Summary. We present the literature and our own data concerning the correction of the motor and secretory disturbances in functional dyspepsia in children of primary school age.

Key words: children of primary school age, functional dyspepsia, proton pump inhibitors, prokinetics, Оmez D.



Abaturov A. E.

Ursodeoxycholic acid in the practice of doctors pediatrician.


Summary. In the research report reflects the current understanding of mechanisms of action of UDCA and its therapeutic potential in treating children with various diseases of the hepatobiliary system.

Key words: Ursodeoxycholic acid, liver disease, biliary tract, children, URSOFALK®.



Gorlenko O. M., Pushkarenko O. A.

Motor dysfunction of the upper part of digestive system and role of them in development of chronic pathology gastrointestinal zone in children.


Summary. The article is devoted to the studing of the motor function in children with dyspepsia. The motor-evacuatory functional of stomach in children with functional dyspepsia and dyspepsia syndrome was evaluated for the first time by non-invasive and highly informative ultrasound method by Lemeshko Z.A. It was observed that in children with postprandial syndrome of dyspepsia prevails slowed-down motor-evacuatory functional of stomach, with epygastric syndrome — high-down motor-evacuatory functional of stomach. Our investigate showed that it necessary to diagnose motor dysfunction for better treatment and for lowering of risk of the development of pre-organic conditions.

Key words: dyspepsia, motor-evacuatory functional, children.



Marushko Y. V., Polkovnichenko L. N.

Modern viewpoints of prokinetics use in pediatric practice.


Summary. The article is devoted to prokinetics role in gastrointestinal disturbance treatment of children. Literature data analysis indicates increased interest of pediatricians and gastroenterologists to reflux problem and functional dyspepsia in childhood and its treatment. Researches in this direction can become a basis for development of effective approaches to this children's problem. Own experience of prokinetic use in a suspension form, named «Domrid», showed high efficiency and safety of a symptomatic therapy of conditions, which are accompanied with children's vomiting symptoms.

Key words: prokinetics, domperidon, gastrointestinal disease, children.



Loboda V. F., Mikolenko A. Z., Butnitckiy Yu. I., Dobrovolskaya L. I., Glushko K. T.

Ways of optimization diagnostics and treatment of chronic gastro-duodenal and hepatobiliary pathologies at children with separate background states.


Summary. This work is devoted to the study of clinical motion and methods of treatment the chronic gastro-duodenal pathology and hepatobiliary areas at the children of different age taking into account the type of anomaly constitution. It is set as a result of research, that clinical picture of chronic diseases the digestive system at the different types of lymphaticohypoplastic anomaly constitution at children different, a doctor must take into account the constitutional features of every child during verification of diagnosis, choice tactic of treatment and development of prophylactic measures.

Key words: children, lymphaticohypoplastic anomaly constitution, chronic gastro-duodenal pathology and hepatobiliary.



Shadrin O. G., Marushko T. L., Misnyk V. P., Fysun V. M., Marushko K. R.

Challenges of the clinical features and treatment of lactose intolerance in infants.


Summary. The article presents current understanding of mechanisms of lactose intolerance development as well as clinical features and treatment of the disease in infants. Proven high therapeutic effectiveness of dietary supplementation of «Mamalac» as an enzyme substitution therapy in the treatment of primary and secondary lactose intolerance in infants on breast and artificial feeding, which allow to consume high level of lactose and reduce drug therapy.

Key words: infants, lactose intolerance, enzyme therapy, Mamalac.



Sorokman T. B., Petrova U. B.

Oxidizing albumens modification in children with erosive stomach ulcer of gastroduodenal zone.


Summary. We have established the increase of oxidizing modification of albumens during the erosive stomach ulcer of gastroduodenal zone comparing with the patients on surface gastroduodenitis. We have defined the increase of coefficient R/B in integumentary epithelium, epithelium of pyloric gland in the mucous membrane of stomach, enterocytes and epitheliums in brunerovskyi glands in the mucous membrane of duodenum bulb which shows the level of oxidizing modification of albumens.

Key words: oxidizing modification of albumens, the coefficient R/B, erosive stomach ulcer of gastroduodenal zone.



Belykh N. A.

Functioning maternal and fetus pituitary-thyroid system in the region of mild iodine deficiency.


Summary. The article deals with the results of the regional epidemiological study which included questioning of pregnant women, estimation of the median of urinary iodine, ultrasound evaluation of thyroid volumes (n=1052), study of the hypothalamic-thyroid status in pregnant women and their newborns. It was demonstrated that insufficient iodine supplementation leads to the gestational hypothyroxnemia, maternal and infant's hypothalamic-thyroid dysfunction, perinatal abnormalities and high rate of transient neonatal hyperthyrotropinemia. The conclusion of the necessity of the iodine supplementation in preconception and antenatal period was made.

Key words: iodine deficiency; neonatal hyperthyrotropinemia; pituitary-thyroid system; gestational hypothyroxnemia; newborn.



Bezruk V. V., Nechytailo Y. M., Bezruk T. A., Andriychiuk T. P.

Mediko-sanitary aid for sick children with nephrological problems.


Summary. The analysis of spectrum of nephrological pathology in children and teenagers living in the Chernivtsi region was presented.

Key words: incidence, prevalence, children, teenagers, kidneys diseases.



Klymenko V. A., Plakhotna O. M., Gluschenko I. V., Karzhynerova H. G., Dmitrova G. V.

Morphofunctional peculiarities of the kidney of the newborn suffered from pneumonia.


Summary. The morphofunctional peculiarities of kidney in newborns with pneumonia were determined by ultrasound investigation with doppler of the renal blood flow. There are (in order to decreasing of diagnostic values): decreasing of Pulse index, index of Resistance, maximum systolic blood circulation speed in the arteries of kidney, increasing of linear sizes of kidneys and pelvis.

Key words: newborn, kidneys, pneumonia, ultrasound investigation.



Okhotnikova E. N., Mellina K. V., Tkacheva T. N., Volgina I. E.

Place of enzyme preparations in the treatment course of allergic skin diseases in children.


Summary. The mechanism of allergic and pseudoallergic reactions in children is shown. The importance of their differential diagnosis is underlined. The main principles of pathogenetic therapy of allergic diseases are shown. The study about effectiveness of the enzyme preparation Mezym-forte 10000 for the correction of violations from the part of the digestive system is conducted, which is identified in 94% of children with allergic diseases of the skin. According to a study was done conclusion that the use Mezym-forte 10000 in the treatment of allergic skin lesions contributes to the rapid disappearance of pain and dyspeptic syndromes abdominal, positive effect on the relief of allergic symptoms.

Key words: allergic and pseudoallergic reactions, pathology of the digestive system, skin allergies, enzyme preparations, Mezym-forte 10000.



Velichko V. I.

Perceptions of own figure by children with overweith and obesity.


Summary. The psychology of perception of the image of own figure by children in the age 6–11 years with overweight or obese and estimation of this problem by their parents is studied. It is established that the approaches to the education of children in almost all households are made without regard of real characterological, age and physiological characteristics of the child. Lack of understanding of the personal characteristics of children by parents provokes the consolidation of their psychological regressive mechanism in the form of increased appetite as a search for pleasure in the substitution of unmet emotional needs of the organism. The image of the own body in children with overweight and obesity is disproportionate to the real; as most of the parents do not agree that their children fat. This attitude of parents and children to the problem can not change the habits of the child and as a result the lack of skills for a healthy lifestyle into adulthood is presented.

Key words: overweight, obesity, children, and psychological characteristics.



Filipishina A. A.

Castody, guardianship as a form of education of orphaned children and children deprived of parental care.


Summary. The conditions of establishment / deprivation of custody of children-orphans and children deprived of parental care, in accordance with Ukrainian legislation are shown.

Kay words: custody, guardianship, children-orphans, children deprived of parental care.



Korneva V. V.

Opportunities for using Tenoten for kids in treatment and prevention of irritable bowel syndrome among children and teenagers (bibliography).


Summary. Article provides review of Ukrainian and foreign literature researching possibilities for using Tenoten for kids in complex therapy and decease prevention among children and teenagers.

Key words: irritable bowel syndrome among children and teenagers, vegetative dysfunction among children and teenagers, Tenoten for kids.



Boyarskaya L. N., Kotlova Y. V., Gerasimchuk T. S.

Modern conceptions of reccurent respiratory deseases infants (publice review).


Summary. The article covers medico-social problems then children with reccurent respiretory deseases. It was analysis causes of there develop. The role of bacterial immunomodulation in primary prevention should be observed.

Key words: children, immunity, immune prophylaxis, acute respiratory infections, recurrent respiratory infections, bakterial lysates, sickly children.



Мартинюку Володимиру Юрійовичу — 60 .