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Информация по семинарам под эгидой Министерства здравоохранения Украины «Актуальні питання імунопрофілактики та імунотерапії населення від інфекційних хвороб».




Перший крок до європейських стандартів життя людей з діабетом.




Фармацевты усиливают контроль .




Slabkiy G. O., Fedosyuk R. M., Kovaleva O. M.

The dilemma of rationing of the resources and implementation of modern technologies in anaesthesiology: anaesthesia equipment and inhalation anaesthesia in Ukraine.


Summary. In the article, level of provision of the anesthesiology service with anaesthesia machines and level of implementation of inhalation anaesthesia in the central district, town/city, and regional hospitals of Ukraine are analyzed. Description of technical condition of the equipment is given. Low level of equipping the operating rooms with anaesthesia machines and low level of implementation of inhalation anaesthesia with halogenated anaesthetics has been demonstrated. The demand for rationing the resources of the anesthesiology service in Ukraine is substantiated.

Key words: anaesthesia equipment, technical condition, inhalation anaesthesia, halogenated anaesthetics, anaesthesiology service, central district hospital, town/city hospital, regional hospital.



Bilogortseva O. I.

The epidemiological situation of childhood tuberculosis in Ukraine and the problem of pediatric and phthsiological services concerning improvement of tb-work among children.


Summary. The article presents the basic epidemiological indices for tuberculosis in children and adolescents in Ukraine. Highlights the key weaknesses and health challenges regarding the improvement of tuberculosis work among the child population.

Key words: epidemiology, tuberculosis, children and adolescents.



Savino Francesco, Pelle Emanuela, Palumeri Elisabetta, Oggero Roberto and Roberto

Treatment of intestinal colic at infants: comperison of Lactobacillus reuteri efficiency (american type cuture collection strain 55730) and Simethicone (prospective randomized study).


Summary. Experience of use of probiotics (Lactobacillus reuteri) in the treatment of intestinal colic at infants is shown. The results are indicating the potential use of probiotics for the treatment of this condition at infants.

Key words: infants (babies), intestinal colic, atopy, probiotic, Lactobacillus reuteri.



Kramarev S. A., Moiseenko R. A., Shpak I. V., Zalesskaya V. V., Ostashko S. I., Yevtushenko V. V., Palatnaya L. O., Vigovskaya O. V., Golovach O. V., Tokar L. O., Lutskaya O. E., Doroshenko N. S., Ivanovych G. A.

The features of clinical picture and treatment of influenza A/H1N1 California 2009 at children.


Summary. The features of course and treatment regimen of children with influenza A/H1N1 California 2009 are present. It is shown the efficiency of oseltamivir in all cases of treatment by this agent.

Key words: influenza A/H1N1 California, 2009, antiviral therapy, oseltamivir.



Aryaev N. L., Kotova N. V., Starets O. O., Safonova O. V., Kaleyeva T. A.

Nutritional therapy of HIV-infected children with the signs of delay of physical development.


Summary. Estimation of anthropometric and laboratory parameters at HIV-infected children by the age from 1,5 till 3 years against the highly active antiretroviral therapy after three months of intensive feeding with the use of «Clinutren Junior» mixture in the general diet is conducted. «Clinutren Junior» mixture is a full-rate balanced isocaloric source of high quality protein and essential amino acids and polyunsaturated fatty acids, whose introduction into the diet of HIV-infected children contributes to the positive dynamics of their physical development.

Key words: HIV-infected children, antiretroviral therapy, «Clinutren Junior» mixture.



Mamenko M. E.

Iodine deficiency prevention (revisited the necessity of application of national program).


Summary. The problem of iodine deficiency and its associated pathologies is considered. The researches conducted in the different regions of Ukraine show that iodine deficiency is a national problem for answer of which must be acceptation of legislative solutions focused on holding of mass preventive measures. By recognition of the urgency of the problem at the national level is development of the «State targeted social programs for the prevention of diseases caused by iodine deficiency in the 2010-2014 year», the main problem of which is — steady liquidation of iodine deficiency in Ukraine, prevention of appearance and decline of IDD prevalence, upgrading of intelligence level and genetic conservation of the population, bringing of national legislation in the health care sector in accordance with undertaken by Ukraine international obligations.

Key words: iodine deficiency, iodine deficiency diseases, prevention.



Lezhenko G. A., Pashkova E. E.

Experience of use of Cefodox in the treatment of community-aquired pneumonia and recurrent bronchitis at children.


Summary. The efficacy of oral antibiotic Cefodox (cefpodoxime proxetil) in the treatment of community-acquired pneumonia and recurrent bronchitis at children is studied. It is shown the efficiency and safety of Cefodox and it can be used as a starting antibiotic in the treatment of inflammatory diseases of the respiratory tract in children, both in stationary and ambulatory conditions, as well as the second phase of

the step-therapy community-acquired pneumonia after parenteral starting use of cephalosporines of III generation.

Key words: children, community-acquired pneumonia, recurrent bronchitis, Cefodox.



Lezhenko G. A, Pashkova E. E.

Experience of use of «Neurovitan» preparation in the complex treatment of children with chronic bronchopulmonary diseases.


Summary. The efficacy of «Neurovitan» multivitamin preparation in complex treatment of children with chronic bronchopulmonary diseases is studied. It is established that the use of Neurovitan promotes correction of autonomic regulation of cardiac activity, reducing the clinical manifestations of intestinal dysbiosis and normalization of the intestinal microflora; Agent has a good tolerability.

Key words: children, heart rate variability, dysbiosis, Neurovitan.



Senatorova A. S., Logvinova O. L., Horuzhevskyi D. A.

Experience of use of «Trifed expectorant» agent at infants with acute obstructive bronchitis.


Summary. The therapeutic efficacy and tolerability of «Trifed expectorant» at infants with acute obstructive bronchitis is studied. The high efficacy and good tolerability that allows recommend it in the complex therapy of children with acute obstructive bronchitis.

Key words: infants, acute obstructive bronchitis, Trifed expectorant.



Beregnoi V. V., Marushko T. V., Romankevych I. V.

Using blood pressure monitoring in pedietric practice (review literature).


Summary. Тhis article descrides the method of ambulatory 24-hour blood pressure monitoring in children, reviels main evidences, peculiarity of using, methods of resalts evaluation and some discussive questions.

Key words: ambulatory blood pressure monitoring, children.



Korneyeva V. V.

The use of Tenoten kid in the treatment of asthenovegetative syndrome at children (literature review).


Summary. The article provides a review of the domestic and foreign literature covering the use of pediatric Тenoten in treatment of children's asthenovegitative syndrome.

Key words: children, asthenovegetative syndrome, Тenoten for kids.



Chernysheva O. E., Yulish E. I.

The modern concept of bronchial asthma pathogenesis.


Summary. The role of herpes virus in the pathogenesis of bronchial asthma at children is studied. Persistent herpes infection can be treated as a trigger factor that is leads to increase of bronchial hyperactivity, to worsening of the bronchial asthma at children, which may determine the necessity, in cases of determination of active infection course, of introduction to the complex of children's diagnosis the diagnosis of herpes infection and destination specific etiotropic therapy.

Key words: herpes virus infection, asthma, children.



Tatochenko V. K.

Pneumonia at children: diagnostics and treatment.


Summary. The classification, modern methods of diagnostics and treatment of pneumonia at children of different age is pointed out.

Key words: children, pneumonia, diagnostics, treatment.



Duka K. D., Ilchenko S. I., Shirikina M. V.

Peculiarities of the chronic bronchitis course among the children and adolescents in present conditions.


Summary. Analysis of chronic bronchitis epidemiology among the children and adolescents of city was carried out; anamnestic factors, wich promote chronic inflammation against the background recurring infectious bronchitis, were described; special clinical manifestations and course of chronic bronchitis in present condition were detected.

Key words: chronic bronchitis, children, adolescents.



Zubarenko А. V., Vesilуk N. L., Portnova О. А., Demina К. E., Radyuk L. P.

Application of dynamic electroneurostimulation in the treatment of acute obstructive bronchitis in children, depending on the psycho-vegetative status.


Summary. The article presents the results of the analysis of psycho-vegetative status of children aged 7 to 14 years with acute obstructive bronchitis, bronchial patency set changes and the functional state of the autonomic nervous system, depending on the level of anxiety. It is shown that differential use of dynamic elektroneyrostimulyatsiyi in the treatment of acute obstructive bronchitis in children has a positive clinical and functional effect.

Key words: children, acute obstructive bronchitis, psycho-vegetative status.



Marushko Yu. V., Shef G. G.

Efficiency of use of «Cetrine» preparation at children with acute respiratory pathology and unfavorable allergic background.


Summary. The efficiency of «Cetrine» preparation in the complex treatment of bronchitis and pneumonia at children with preclinical aggravating allergic conditions is studied. High efficacy and good tolerability make it possible to recommend this preparation for widespread use in pediatric practice.

Key words: bronchitis, pneumonia, antihistamines, Cetrine.



Okhotnikova E. N., Bondarenko L. V., Ponochevnaya E. V., Shestakova O. S., Gryshchenko O. N., Demyanenko O. D.

Efficacy and safety of treatment of allergic rhinitis at children.


Summary. The mechanism of development and the basic treatment of allergic rhinitis (AR) were shown. The experience of use of desloratadinum (Aerius) at children by the age from 2 to 12 years with the AP is pointed out. The product provides effective relief of nasal symptoms promotes to its regress and improve the quality of life of patients. The high degree of safety, good tolerability and compliance allow successfully use Aerius for the treat, ment of children with AR.

Key words: allergic rhinitis, children, antihistamines, Aerius.



Belogortseva O. I., Kostromina V. P., Krivosheeva Zh. I., Simonenkova N. V., Dotsenko Ya. I., Volyk M. A., Otroshchenko A. A.

Isofon in the treatment and preventive care of respiratory organs tuberculosis at children and adolesents.


Summary. In article the data of examination about the effect of a new preparation secondary to the isonicotinic acid hydrazide — izofon on the course of tuberculosis process is represented. These data attend to bifunctional action of preparation, which was proved by immunological studies and analysis of clinico-radiological data. The information about the positive changes of cytogram and the local mucosal immunity condition under the influence of preparation, according to the examination of bronchoalveolar lavage is presented. It is shown the efficiency of isofon in the schemes of preventive treatment.

Key words: tuberculosis, preventive care, treatment, isofon.



Kuruluk M. L., Volyanska V. S., Ermakova G. V., Volyansky S. G.

Application of phototherapy in complex spa treatment for children with diabetic angio-neyropatiy of lower extremities.


Summary: At Myrhorod resort we examined and treated 57 children with such complications as diabetes angio- neyropathy lower extremities. The researches of neurological status, indicators capillaroscopy and thermometry of the lower extremities. The efficiency of complex spa treatment, this category of children.

Key words: diabetes mellitus, diabetic anhio- neyropathy, spa treatment, light therapy.



Marushko U. V., Lisochenko O. A.

Integrated diagnosingt of iron-deficiency states in practice pediatrics.


Summary. There are brought generalised data and analysis of anamnesis, patient complaints, clinical picture, iron content in hair of childrens with initial stage iron-deficiency. At the cyderopenia they have been identified early and specific signs for latent cyderopenia and iron-deficiency anemia.

Key words: сhildren, latent cyderopenia, iron-deficiency anemia.



Gorlenko O. M., Peresta M. I.

Long-term results of anemic syndrome correction at children.


Summary. The comparative study of different schemes usage (feroterapiya, herbal medicine, and their combination) correction of anemic syndrome at infants is conducted. The analysis of long-term results (after 6 and 12 months) identified the tendency of links homeostasis stabilization within the reference values with a small variation, with most statistically significant effect in the appointment of a combined treatment regimen, and a lesser degree of confidence in the case of only herbal medicine appointment. By the results of monotherapy by phytopreparation (phytotea fruity kid vitaminic) can be recommended its inclusion to the therapeutic and preventive schemes of anemic syndrome treatment, considering positive and lasting impact on the physical development of a child, somatic status, and individual links of homeostasis.

Key words: children, anemia, feroterapiya, herbal medicine, links homeostasis, long-term results, phytotea fruity kid vitaminic.



Maidannik V. G., Mityuryaeva I. O., Misiura L. I., Terletskii R. V., Moysienko M. B.

«TRYPSIDAN» application in the complex threatment of vegetative dysfunction at children.


Summary. The efficiency of the complex four.week course of treatment with «TRYPSIDAN» at 30 children with vegetative dysfunction is analized. During examination of patients before treatment and one month after it is installed the positive dynamics of clinical subjective and objective indicators of disease, as well as the state of autonomic homeostasis, indices of heart rate, brain and spine hemodynamics and psychological status.

Key words: children, vegetative dysfunction, TRYPSIDAN.

Povoroznyuk V. V., Podlianova E. I.

Osteopenic syndrome in children and teenagers living in the industrial megapolis.


Summary. The results of a stage of osteopenic syndrome in Zaporizhzhya children and teenagers study are presented in the article. High-frequency of osteopenia in examined children is found. Some factors influencing the bone tissue formation, such as physical and sexual development are analyzed. It is shown that repeated fractures may be the symptom of osteopenia. Risk groups of osteopenia fo age and sex are allocated.

Key words: children and teenagers, osteopenic syndrome.



Prokhorov E. V.

Explanation and estimation of effective variants of anti-inflammatory therapy of articular form of juvenile rheumatoid arthritis from the way of evidence-based medicine.


Summary. A comparative study of the efficiency of monotherapy by nimesulide and combined therapy with addition of "Assalix" phytopreparation of the active stage of the articular form of juvenile rheumatoid arthritis (AF JRA) is conducted. The use of "Assalix" potentiates anti$inflammatory effect of nimesulide, which is essentially reduce nosotropic determinant of AF JRA, to get more evident clinical effect with good tolerability and avoid henceforth possible side effects connected with the necessity of use of synthetic NSAID.

Key words: juvenile rheumatoid arthritis, pathogenesis, treatment, Assalix, evidence-based medicine.



Tokarchuk N. I., Tymchuk E. V., Protsyuk T. L.

The features of lipid metabolism and leptin level at infants with overweigth and obesity.


Summary. In the article the children of early age have the presented features of exchange of lipid and level of leptin with surplus mass of body (SMB) and obesity. Authors estimated anamnestic information, physical development of children in obedience to Order of MOZ of Ukraine №149 from 20.03.2008, conducted determination of them exchange of lipid of blood, leptin. The got results testify to the increase of content of cholesterol, triglycerides, lipoproteid factiously and leptin for the children of early age with SMB and obesity.

Key words: leptin, exchange of lipid, obesity, overweight, children.



Mokiya- Serbina S. A., Litvinova T. V., Ponomareva L. I., Medvedeva V. A.

The clinical and immunological efficiency of ribomunul in children with bronchial asthma and persistent of respiratory viruses.


Summary. The article presents the results of examination of 60 children with bronchial asthma and persistent of respiratory viruses and without clinical manifestation ARI. It is shown therapy with Ribomunil reduces frequency of respiratory infection, elimination of viral pathogens from epithelium of respiratory tract, changing of morphological indexes of BGL. These results indicate that therapy with Ribomunyl increases the NK-cells functionaries.

Key words: children, bronchial asthma, NK-cells, BGL, Ribomunyl, persistent of exciters.



Moiseeva A. V., Vasilyeva V. A., Bashkatova T. I.

Adverse events following immunization in Ukraine and measure of their warning.


Summary. The routine vaccination (at least 90%) is the only, suitable for mass use, cost-effective and efficient way to prevent infectious diseases. As with any drug (pharmacological or immunobiological) vaccines and toxoids can cause reactions or adverse events following immunization, especially in people with a background of somatic pathology, latent infection, provoked anamnesis vitae or morbi. Nevertheless, benefits of the vaccine use significantly prevails over the risk.

Key words: infectious diseases, vaccines, adverse events following immunization.



Volokha A. P.

Prevention of infectious diseases by immunization in persons with primary immunodeficiency.


Summary. Vaccination protects from serious infections children with primary immunodeficiency. Vaccination of immunocompromised persons needs estimation of safety and efficacy of different vaccines in relation of immune defects. Particular vaccines have benefit in providing optimal protection against infectious diseases in patients with specific immunodeficiency disorders. Passive immunization recommended in case of absence of adequate immune response to active immunization.

Key words: vaccin, vaccination, primary immunodeficiency, immunoglobyline.



Usachova O. V.

Clinicopathogenetic effectiveness of the specifical immunotherapy of the cytomegaloviral infections in children of the first year.


Summary. On the basis of an analysis of the clinico-laboratory investigation of the children of the first year with congenital and postnatal cytomegalovirus infection and their specific immunology profile has been given recommendation about the differential prescription of the specific immunoglobulin and has shown their effectiveness.

Key words: congenital postnatal cytomegalovirus infection, children of the early age, specific immunotherapy.



Pypa L., Piluiko N., Filyk A., Murgina M., Astahova J., Breus S., Zamoroka V.

The immune system status in children of school age who are suffering from recurrent bronchitis.


Summary. The research presents results of studies of the immune system with hematological algorithms in children suffering from recurrent bronchitis in remission.

Key words: recurrent bronchitis, children of school age, the immune system.



Abaturov O. E., Vysochina I. L.

The influence of bacteria carrying of St. aureus and Str. haemolyticus at plum amygdalas and in the nose on immunological system condition of children of school age.


Summary. A study we survey 48 children of school age from organized groups with the specificity of the immune response depending on the state ecological community of the mucous membrane of the tonsils and the nasal cavity showed that colonization St. aureus and Str. Haemolyticus on the mucous membrane of the tonsils and the nasal cavity is accompanied by significant increase of the concentration of IL-12p70, lower concentrations of TGF-β1 in serum and reduced representation CD25+ in the peripheral blood, which accounts for the presence of prolonged low-level inflammatory Th1-associated response.

Key words: children, immunity, bacteriocarrier, cytokines.



Nezgoda I. I., Yuzhanina V. M., Onofriychuk O. S., Nikul'chenko O. V., Bodnaryuk O. V.

Experience of use of «Cefix» preparation in the complex treatment of acute intestial infections at children.


Summary. The clinico-laboratory and bacteriological efficacy of «Cefix» preparation in the complex treatment of children with acute intestinal infections is studied. It is established the high therapeutic efficacy and preparation safety in the treatment of children with AII of different severity levels. Cefix may be appointed at the acute intestinal infection as an alternative parenteral antibiotic (cefotaxime, ceftriaxon).

Key words: acute intestinal infection, antibiotic therapy, cephalosporines, Cefix.



Bodnar A. B.

Мorphfunctional features of a current of diseases gastroduodenal areas at children.


Summаry. Is spent clinical inspection of 637 children with gastroduodenal a pathology. Are studied morphfunctional features of a current of diseases gastroduodenal areas at children of various age groups.

Key words: children, gastroduodenum a pathology, features.



Boyarskaya L. N., Ivanova E. A.

Revisited the frequency and features of manifestations of gastroesophageal reflux disease at children.


Summary. The frequency and features of clinical manifestations of gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD) at children with gastroenterological diseases is studied. The frequency of GERD at children with gastrointestinal tract diseases is 18%. In the clinical picture of GERD are dominated such esophageal symptoms as pyrosis, belching, nausea, stomach pain, the express of which have the age specification. Extraesophageal symptoms mainly represented by cardiovascular disorders and changes on the part of electrical activity of the heart secondary to the small cardiac anomalies.

Key words: children, gastroesophageal reflux disease, clinical manifestations, pyrosis.



Dobryanskyy D., Novikova О., Salabay Z., Detsyk О., Dubrovna Y., Borysiuk О., Pasternak O., Protsyk S., Ivanova I., Bonetska L., Lezhenko G., Scherbyna N.

Multycentre study of comparative effectiveness of exogenous surfactants Neosurf and Curosurf in treatment of respiratory distress syndrome in preterm newborns.


Summary. In an open multicentre study the clinical effectiveness of natural exogenous surfactants Neosurf and Curosurf in treatment of respiratory distress syndrome in preterm newborns of 26–33 wks of gestation was compared. 90 infants treated with Neosurf formed the main group and were under clinical observation. 52 newborns treated with Curosurf in 2005–2007 were retrospectively included into the control group. The prevalence of perinatal risk factors was similar in the both groups. Infants from the control group were more often born by cesarean section, needed resuscitation at birth and higher oxygen concentrations (FiO2). Significantly fewer babies from the main group received only one surfactant dose (49% vs. 65%; р<0,05). Treatment with Curosurf provided statistically more significant reduction of FiO2 and mean airway pressure (MAP), however, the areas under the time curves of FiO2 and MAP during 6 hrs after the first dose of both surfactants were not different. 90% of infants in the main group and 85% of newborns from the control group survived by the 7th day of life (р>0,05), and 83% vs. 79% of them survived by discharge (р>0,05). BPD incidences were not different in the groups (12% in the main group vs. 8% in the control group; р>0,05). The incidence of severe IVH was significantly higher in infants treated with Curosurf (31% vs. 16%; р<0,05). Duration of artificial ventilation, number of reintubations and duration of stay in neonatal intensive care unit were reliably lower in newborns who received Neosurf. In conclusion, our data suggest that Neosurf emulsion is at least as effective as Curosurf suspension in treatment of preterm infants weighing 750 to 1750 g at birth with respiratory distress syndrome.

Key words: respiratory distress syndrome, treatment, surfactant, clinical effectiveness, preterm newborns.



Koctyuk O. O., Shunko E. E., Krasnova Yu. Yu., Tishkevich V. M.

Perinatal group b streptococcal infection.


Summary. Group B streptococcus (GBS) is the leading cause of neonatal sepsis and meningitis. Despite optimal treatment of GBS-infected neonates it is associated with significant morbidity and mortality, and prevention strategies are required. As disease occurs rapidly, and is often evident at birth or within 12 hours of birth, antibiotics must be given prior to delivery, and when administered early enough, and at the correct doses, they will prevent the majority of early-onset GBS cases. Prevention is therefore in the hands of obstetricians. Women at higher risk of delivering infected infants can be identified through one of two strategies: the presence of one or more clinical risk factors, or the presence of GBS on lower vaginal/rectal swabs obtained late in pregnancy. Decisions on which strategy to use will depend on a number of factors. A swab-based approach appears to have higher efficacy but is likely to lead to more antibiotic exposure.

Key words: group B Streptococcus, newborns, pregnant woman, neonatal sepsis, group B streptococcal infections, early-onset sepsis, late-onset sepsis, perinatal prophylaxis, blood culture, C-reactive protein, antibiotics.



Shadrin O. G., Marushko R. V., Mulvich O. M., Marushko T. L., Kovalchuk А. A., Bondarenko N. U.

Impact of perinatal consumption of omega-3 longchain poliunsaturated fatty acids on infant health.


Summary. Presented data of investigation conducted in 250 infants whose mothers during pregnancy and lactation consumed functional food. Revealed that regular and adequate consumption of sea products with omega-3 longchain polyunsaturated fatty acids has contributed to the duration and adequacy of breast feeding, improved the quality of health status of children (reduction of the respiratory disease, distribution of allergy and functional gastrointestinal disorders).

Key words: functional food, long chain polyunsaturated fatty acids, morbidity, feeding, infants.



Seymivskyi D. A.

The place of phytopreparation «Canephron® N» in the threatment of children with urological diseases.


Summary. It is proved the effectiveness of spasmolytic phytopreparation «Canephron® N» at infants with postnatal hyperreflexia of urinary bladder in combination with vesicoureteral reflux and pyelonephritis. It is shown that under the influence of Canephron® N significantly reduced during the postoperative rehabilitation of urodynamics at children with megaureter and vesicoureteral reflux.

Key words: hyperreflexia of urinary bladder, urodynamics, phytopreparation Canephron® N.



Sobko R. Yu, Shchurovskaia I. P., Andreychuk I. P., Bodak P. S.

Experience of use of recombinant human growth hormone during the chronic kidney diseases at children.


Summary. Therapeutic possibilities of recombinant human growth hormone during the chronic kidney disease at children is shown.

Key words: children, chronic kidney disease, recombinant human growth hormone.



Kushnirenko S. V.

Opportunities of enzymotherapy during dysmetabolic nephropathy at children.


Summary. Efficacy and tolerability of «Mezym ® forte 10000» in the complex treatment of children with dysmetabolic nephropathy are studied. With underlying of treatment at 93, 3% of patients the clinical improvement were noted, manifested in a significant decrease, and in most cases – the disappearance of dyspeptic symptoms. Produced results once more point to the necessity of enzymatic substitutive therapy administration for children with dysmetabolic nephropathy and signs of exocrine pancreatic insufficiency in order to prevent the appearance of morphological changes in pancreatic tissue for avoidance of late complications, which are lead to relevance of use of permanent substitutive therapy by high doses of enzyme preparations.

Key words: dysmetabolic nephropathy, exocrine pancreatic insufficiency, dyspeptic symptoms, enzyme substitutive therapy, Mezym ® forte 10000.



Korenev M. M., Kostenko T. А., Borisko G. А.

The state of cardio-vascular system in children and adolescents born from parents evacuated from the zones of radioactive contamination.


Summary. The state of cardio-vascular system was investigated by ultrasonic methods in 52 children and adolescents born from the zones of radioactive contaminations. The findings were compared with the same in agematching Kharkovites, whose parents had no contacts with radiation. The data obtained testify to a significant incidence at the mitral valve prolapse, to availability of inborn small structural anomalies of the heart in children and adolescents, born from parents, evacuated from the zones of radioactive contamination, as compared with children and adolescents whose parents had no contact with radiation. The necessity of subsequent keeping such children under medical observation and of proper organization on of their physical trainings was substituted.

Key words: children and adolescents, radioactive contamination, ultrasonic methods, cardio-vascular system.



Gonchar М. А., Senatorova G. S.

Troponin i study in children with congenital heart disease with enrichment of a small circle of circulation.


Summary. An article contains own supervision of 98 patients with congenital heart disease with enrichment of a small circle of circulation. In those patients, along with traditional clinical examination and instrumental studies, the troponin I plasma concentration had been estimated to diagnose the myocardial injury.

Key words: congenital heart disease, troponin I, myocardial dysfunction, diagnostics.



Rak L. I.

Factors of chronic cardiac failure development in children with myocardium pathology.


Summary. In children with myocardium pathology of inflammatory and non-inflammatory genesis there was performed a dynamic study of the heart morphofunctional characters, parameters of neurohumoral regulation, immunoinflammatory activation, and of protein peroxidization. It was established that deterioration of myocardium systolic function was accompanied by the heart desadaptive remodeling against the background of the renin-angiotensin system activation, by certain rise in the level of proinflammatory cytokines, and activation of protein peroxidization. There was also determined a prognostic significance of the left ventricle and left atrium expansion increase, and of blood minute volume decrease, as well as a thinning of the left ventricle wall, increased rennin activity, interleukine-6, α-tumour necrosis factor and carbonylated protein levels rise for the development of chronic cardiac failure in children.

Key words: chronic cardiac failure, myocardium pathology, children, factors of development.



Zinchenko S. N., Martinyuk V. Yu.

Contemporary concepts of psychology and pathology of development and their use in the process of rehabilitation.


Summary. Current use of concepts and methods of psychology and pathology of development in the rehabilitation program for children with limited capacity of health disabilities provide the opportunity to identify the peculiar individual dynamics of development of separately suffered functional systems and their interaction in the rehabilitation process, which contributes to self-development and self-realization of the child in his life, his socialization, and improved quality of life.

Key words: developmental psychology, patterns of development, principles of developmental psychology, functional systems, pathology development, setting time, the contexts of development, the signs of pathological development, vectors of pathological development, rehabilitation process.